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Generic Biaxin XL

Medical description: Biaxin XL is used for infections treatment. It kills the growth of bacteria, prevents their further appearance. One can treat bacterial pneumonia, stomach and ulcers infections, toxoplasmosis with it. A dose of the medication varies from infection to infection. It’s vital to take the rug during the whole prescribed period to kill the infection completely. If you even feel better, continue taking it. Do not miss doses and try to take it at a fixed time each day.

Synonyms: Clamycin, Claymycin, Synclar, Clathromycin, Klacid, Klaricid, Macladin, Naxy, Prevpac, Veclam, Zeclar

Generic Biaxin XL
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

Biaxin XL Facts

The antibiotic is taken to treat particular infections, which are provoked by particular bacteria. Biaxin XL is known to be a macrolide antibiotic. It stops bacteria growth and kills all the bacteria, which are so sensitive to this kind of antibiotics.

How to use?

Use Generic Biaxin XL, as your doctor told you, do not change anything. Always look at the label on the drug to know the exact dose instructions:

- Take the drug by mouth
- Have it with food
- Swallow pills whole
- If you are currently taking zidovudine, do not take it during 2 hours before and after Biaxin XL.
- Take it at a fixed time each day
- Take antibiotic for the whole time of treatment, indicated by the physician. Continue taking, even if you feel better.
- Do not miss dosages. If it happens, take it when you remember. If it is already time for the next one, skip the first one, and start taking it as usually. Do not take several doses simultaneously.If there are any questions concerning the antibiotic and its effects, ask your physician.

Why it is used?

The medication is known to be an anti-infective and is indicated for treating infections of Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC). It is also used for bacterial pneumonia, stomach, ulcers infections, and toxoplasmosis.

How to take?

A dose depends on what kind of infection you got, it will vary. For treating MAC, one should take 500mg of the antibiotic 2 times a day. When you have bacterial pneumonia, you should take from 250 mg to 500 mg of the medication during the period from 7 to 14 days, two times a day. One can also take 1000mg during 5, 7 days or 2 weeks.

In order to treat stomach and ulcers infections, one is prescribed 500mg 2 times per day.  You can find Biaxin XL in 250mg and 500mg regular tablets. You may also find 500mg extended release tablets. You may also use an oral suspension. If you use oral suspension, shake a bottle before taking a dose. Take the tablet with food and swallow it whole.

Biaxin XL Important Information

You should know while taking the drug you may face with confusion and dizziness. That’s why take the medication cautiously. Do not drive a car, until you understand what exact effect Biaxin XL has on your organism. Ensure that you take the drug for the full prescribed course, if not  - the infection may be killed partially. Due to this bacteria can even turn into less sensitive to this or other medications.

This can lead to some complications with treatment, if such infections appear in the future again.  One should know that Biaxin Xl is used only for killing different bacteria. It is not used for treating common cold. If you use Biaxin XL for a repeated and prolonged time, it can lead to one more infection. For sure, tell the doctor, if you notice any strange sings of some new infection.


According to the official data, it was revealed that the drug can be harmful to fetus. It’s not suggested to give the antibiotic to pregnant women. If you are taking it and you became pregnant, contact the doctor. You will discuss with him all the positive and negative sides of it. The antibiotic can pass into breast milk, so if you are a breastfeeding mom, consult with the doctor as well. Do not postpone visiting a physician, because it may lead to various complications.

What are the adverse effects?

In most cases the drug is tolerated well. Higher doses of it can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. If you notice any of these signs, immediately call the doctor. He will suggest the best ways to manage it. In rare cases the drug can cause temporary hearing disruptions decreased hearing, fullness in the ears, ringing in the ears). If these symptoms appear, phone the doctor. In more rare cases one can experience increased liver enzymes. If you was prescribed the drug, you doctor will certainly check your liver enzymes blood changes. It’s vital to visit the doctor regularly and pass test to monitor the condition in a proper way.

Before using the Antibiotic

Before you buy Generic Biaxin XL, it’s important to know the following facts. Some medical conditions can acts with Biaxin XL. It’s important to figure out all the details, to get the most of benefits from the rug at the end of treatment. If you suffer from some disorders or problems, tell your physician.

- you are pregnant, breastfeeding have plans to carry a child;
- you are taking any other drugs, herbal and dietary supplements, vitamins and mineral;
- you suffer from porphyria, liver and kidney problems, and myasthenia gravis;
- you have ever suffered from heart problems, such as slow, fast and irregular heartbeat, decreased levels of magnesium and potassium;
- you suffer from colostomy or ileostomy;
- you are taking some medication that can enhance your heart beat.
Drug Interactions

Other remedies can interact with the antibiotic. It’s quite significant to tell the physician about all the medicines, you are having at this moment. Certainly mention the following:

- Prescription and over-the-counter, which are used for allergies, abortion, asthma, anxiety, problems with lungs, blood vessels, cancer, blood thinning, depression, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, HIV, suppression of immune system, narcotic addiction, vomiting, bowel problems.

If you have hesitations concerning something, ask your doctor for more information.

Do not Use the Antibiotic if:

Before you order Generic Biaxin XL, make sure that you do not have the following problems, under which it’s not beneficial to take the antibiotic:

- you have faced with allergy to this type of antibiotic or any of its ingredients;
- you have had problems with liver, yellowing of the eyes and skin, when previously used Biaxin XL;
- low heart beat;
- your levels of magnesium and potassium are low;
- you are taking avanafil, cisapride, asenapine, propafenone, dofetilide, sotalot and many others;
- you are currently having problems with kidneys and liver.

Biaxin XL is known to be an anti-infective medication. It is applied for treating a lot of infections, including Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC).


Generic Biaxin XL

Biaxin XL Treats Infections.

Generic Biaxin XL belongs to macrolide antibiotics. It’s indicated for the treatment of various infections, which are caused by concrete bacteria. It kills and stops bacteria growth, which are the cause of particular infections. It can be indicated to treat:

- sinus infections
- bacterial infections of throat
- pneumonia
- skin infections
- impetigo
- cellulitis
The antibiotic may also be applied for treating infections of Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC).This types of infections has some relation to HIV. The drug can be also prescribed in combination with other medicines for treating H. pylori – a bacterium, which causes ulcers.

What are available forms?

None of the brand names of Generic Biaxin XL is available in all the forms and is applied for all above mentioned conditions. It’s possible that your HCP will prescribe you the antibiotic for the treatment of some other condition, which is not mentioned here. If you are hesitating concerning something, while you are taking the medication, certainly ask him.  It’s not suggested to stop taking Biaxin XL, without talking to your doctor. If you were prescribed it against infections, it can be only killed completely when you have a complete course of treatment. It’s not good to give it someone else, even if he has the similar symptoms as you. It can harm those people.

How to use?

The adult suggested dosage is from 250mg to 500mg 2 times a day during 7-14 days. The duration depends on the type and complications of the current infection.  The adult suggested dose, using extended release form is 1000mg, which is 2 tablets, during 5-14 days.  To treat and prevent MAC, 500 mf of the drug is prescribed 2 times a day. When it is applied in combination with other drugs to kill H. pylori, the dose is 500mg during 10 days, two times per day.

The drug is also given to children. The recommended dose for them is 15 mg per kilo (1000mg is the maximum dose for one day). The length of treatment is from 5 to 10 days. The duration depends on the infection. When a child faced with MAC, it is usually given 7.5 mg/kilo 2 times a day. If it is an oral suspension, it’s recommended to measure accurately each dose. Use oral syringe instead of spoons.  You should take Biaxin XL with food. It will help to absorb tablets more by the organism.

Swallow the pills whole, do not chew and crush them.  It’s inevitable to take the antibiotic during the whole time, indicated by the doctor. If you feel better, it doesn’t mean that you must stop taking it. Your infection will be killed totally when you drink the full course with the drug. Before you order Generic Biaxin XL, make sure that it is a good choice in your situation. Consult with the physician and never buy medication by yourself.

The doctor will choose you the dose, which is the best for you. He will take into consideration your body weight, medical conditions, needs and other drugs you are taking currently.  If the physician recommend a dosage, which is not listed in the Medication Guide, do not hesitate and do not alter it. Take it at a fixed time each day. It will add to the benefits from the antibiotic. 

What if I miss a dose?

Before you buy Generic Biaxin XL, be sure that you are serious about the drug. Try not to skip its dose, but if this occurs take it when you recall. It’s not allowed to take several doses to cover the missed ones. If you miss 2 or more doses, call the doctor.

How to store?

Store the medication at room temperature, hide from any light, heat and moisture. Keep it away from children. Store your oral suspension at room temperature, as well. Tightly close a bottle and keep it away from any possible light.

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