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Generic Ceclor

Medical description: Ceclor is known to be an antibiotic which can effectively fight with particular infections in the organism. It is not used for killing viruses of cold and flu. The medication can be given to children, but with much caution. It is quite strong, that’s why one should be very attentive while taking it. It’s vital to take it, the way your doctor prescribed, not changing something. If you feel normal after starting course with the drug and your symptoms improve, continue taking it. The infection will be totally cured only after the course of medication is taken, do not abrupt it.

Synonyms: Distachlor, Solar, Alenfral, Alfacet, Alfatil, Cephaclor, Distaclor, Kefral, Panacef, Panoral, Raniclor

Generic Ceclor
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

Important Safety Information

Ceclor is a medication, which belongs to cephalosporin antibiotics. The name is derived from a SEF, which is a low spor. The medication is prescribed in order to kill bacteria in a body. It is used for treating various infections of the skin, urine, respiratory tract; and other infections. The medication stops effectively the growth of such bacteria. The drug can treat various infections. It can also be used for other different cases, not mentioned in the Medication Guide.  It is not recommended to take this drug if you have ever experienced allergies to cefaclor or other antibiotics of such a group.

Before taking it, you should know if you are allergic even to penicillin. It’s important to take the drug during the whole period, which was prescribed by the doctor. The symptoms will become better, only after the infection is cleared completely from your organism. You should remember that it is not possible to treat flu and cold with Generic Ceclor. It is known that many antibiotics can evoke diarrhea, which can tell about some new infection. If diarrhea appears to be bloody or watery, it is better to contact the doctor. Do not use any drug to stop diarrhea, until you talk with the doctor. If you symptoms become better within several days after starting the treatment with this medication, do not stop taking it. The infection will be taken away only after the whole course of treatment with Ceclor.

Before taking the drug

This antibiotic is very strong and effective, and as many other medication it requires much caution and attention with it. Before you begin treatment with it, tell the physician if you are allergic to: Cefdinir, Cefadroxil, Cefixime, Ceftazidime, Cephalexin, Cefditoren, Cefuroxime. If you have ever experienced allergies to penicillin, also tell it to the doctor. 

Ceclor and Pregnancy

The medication is approved by FDA as pregnancy category B. It is considered to be not harmful for the fetus. But it is significant to tell the healthcare provider of being pregnant or plans of carrying a child in the nearest future. The drug can pass into milk of a breastfeeding mom, which can really be bad for a nursing child. Do not use it b yourself, mention that you are breastfeeding. As for suspension of Ceclor, it contains some sucrose. If you suffer from diabetes, it is better to tell the doctor about this to avoid any unpleasant consequences.

How to take it?

It’s important to take the medication, the same way your doctor prescribed, do not change anything. Follow all the suggestions, written on the Medication Guide. Take it with a full glass of purified water. You should know that all the antibiotics will work better and effectively when the medicine amount in the organism is always constant. That’s why it is beneficial to take Ceclor at even intervals.

The drug will work better, if you take it during meal. If you have a chewable tablet, it is recommended to chew it before swallowing. Take it with your mouth every8-12 hours. Don’t break, chew or crush a tablet, which is extended-release. Swallow it whole. If you have an oral suspension, shake it before measuring a dosage. Use a spoon or cup to measure a dose.

If you do not have it, ask the pharmacist. Know that taking the medication can influence on some medical tests, they can be unusual. That’s why, if you are passing some tests, tell about Ceclor. Keep your capsules and tablets at room temperature in a place without moisture, light and heat. You may store suspension in the fridge. If the drug is not used for 2 weeks, throw it away.

What if I miss a dose?

Before you buy Generic Ceclor, be sure that you know much about the drug. It is not recommended to miss a dose of it. If it happens, take it when you recall. But in any case do not take extra medication to cover missed doses; it can be harmful for the organism.


It is not suggested to overdose Ceclor. Be very attentive with it. If it happens, call the doctor. You may face with vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea and stomach pain after overdosing the drug.

What to avoid?

It is suggested to use any antacids during 1 hour before and after taking the drug. Antacids can make it more difficult for your organism to absorb the medication. It is known that antibiotics can evoke some diarrhea, which can state about a new infection in the body. If diarrhea is bloody and watery, contact medical help. Do not take any other drug to prevent it, before you talk with the doctor.


As any other drug Ceclor has some side effects. It’s important to phone the doctor if you notice the following:

- Swollen lips, face, throat and tongue
- Hives
- Breathing difficulties
- Watery and bloody diarrhea
- Sore throat, fever
- Pain in the joints
- Numbness
- Red skin, peeling, blisters
- Warmth and redness under the skin
- Swollen hands and feet
- Fast heartbeat
- Pain in the chest
- Breath shortness
Among other not so serious side effects are the following:
- Anxiety
- Increased urination during night
- Stomach pain
- Mil nausea
- Runny nose
- Headache
- Vaginal itching
If you notice some of all above mentioned side effects, contact your healthcare provider.

Drug Interactions

When it comes to drug interactions, you should always careful while taking Ceclor. There are some medications, which can affect the way this drug works in the organism. Tell the physician about all the medicines you are taking at a current moment. Tell about all the vitamins, herbal products, minerals and other prescribed drugs. It is not good to start some new drug, without telling to your doctor, because it can be very harmful for your organism.


The usual and normal dosage for all the adults is 250 mg each 8 hours. If the infection is very serious and severe, the dose can be increased twice. As for children 20 mg/kg/day in doses, which are divided, again every 8 hours. If the infection is very serious, it is allowed to use 40 mg/kg/day. The maximum dose for a day is 1g. Nowadays it is possible to order Generic Ceclor online without any problems. It is easy and convenient. You do not have to visit your local pharmacy.

Ceclor is a very effective antibiotic, which kills certain bacteria in the body. The drug belongs to cephalosporin antibiotics.


Generic Ceclor

Ceclor Important Facts.

The drug is made use for the treatment certain infections, caused by particular bacteria. It can be an infection of the middle ear, bladder infections, strep throat, various skin infections and pneumonia. The medication kills the bacteria and prevents their growing. You should remember that the medication works only on particular bacteria not all of them. It will be impossible to treat flu and cold with this antibiotic. The drug belongs to cephalosporin antibiotics.

Before Drug Taking:

Ceclor may be not right for you if you:

- are a nursing mom
- have problems with the abdomen
- are pregnant
- suffer from diabetes
- are taking other medicines, which may severely interact with Ceclor
What should I know about Ceclor?

Ceclor is an oral administration antibiotic. Before starting taking the drug, tell your physician that you have allergy to it. If you are generally allergenic person, also tell this to the doctor. The drug has some inactive ingredients, which can be a cause of some allergic body reactions. If you hesitate concerning something, ask your doctor for some more detailed information.

While taking with your healthcare provider, tell him about all the medical conditions, you suffered in the past, you medical history. Tell him if you experienced problems with kidneys, colitis. You should know that with age the function of the kidneys is decreased. Generic Ceclor is removed by this organ, that’s why older people can be more susceptible to this antibiotic.  It is better to avoid it during pregnancy

It should be only prescribed in the case, when there are more benefits, than side effects. You should discuss all the benefits and risks with your healthcare provider. If you are a breastfeeding mom, know that Ceclor can pass into milk, which can be really harmful for your little baby.

When is it indicated?

Ceclor is prescribed in the following cases:

- Otitis media
- lower respiratory tract infections
- Infections of the urinary tract
- Tonsillitis
- Pharyngitis
- Skin infections
How to use?

Before you buy Generic Ceclor, it’s vital to learn all possible facts about the antibiotic. The information will help you to avoid various unpleasant side effects. The drug is taken by the mouth every 8-12 hours, not more. The most important is to do everything your doctor prescribed and follow all his recommendations. You can take this drug with or without any meal. Drink much water while being on the drug. When the amount of antibiotics is constant in your organism, they would work better.

That’s why take it with the same intervals each time. Take for the whole period of time, which was indicated by your physician. Do not stop taking it if you see the improvement of your symptoms. Keep it at room temperature. Choose the place without heal, light and moisture. It’s good to keep this kind of medication in a locked box, especially if there are children at home.

Call the doctor if you notice:

- Abdominal pain
- Itching, hives and rash
- Faintness and tiredness
- Aches in the joints  
- Stiffness
- Severe bloody or watery diarrhea
- Breathing difficulties
- Swollen throat
Do not hesitate and call the doctor immediately, especially if the side effects persist and do not stop.

How to get the Drug?

Nowadays it has become possible to order Generic Ceclor online without any problems. It is really very easy and convenient. You can do it anywhere and whenever you want. It is not necessary to stand in a long queue in your local pharmacy. You can order the drug and within several days will get delivery at your threshold.

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