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Generic Ceftin

Medical description: Ceftin is an effective antibiotic that refers to the group of medicines famous as cephalosporins. The drug is received by patients in order to treat the infections that were caused by different kinds of bacteria. It is most often used with the aim of treating the infections of the lung, throat, ear, sinus, and skin. This drug is also taken in order to successfully treat gonorrhea and infections transmitted sexually. Before receiving the drug it is useful to ask your doctor for advice if you have had liver disease, allergy to cephalosporin or any other antibiotics or kinds of allergy.

Synonyms: Altacef, Ancef, Biofuroksym, Ceclor, Cedax, Cefasyn, Cefditoren, Cefizox, Cefobid, Cefotan, Ceftin, Ceftum, Cefurax, Cefuril, Cefuroxim, Cefzil, Cepazine, Cephuroxime, Ceptaz, Duricef, Elobact, Fortaz, Keflex, Keftab, Kefurox, Kefzol, Kerurox, Mandol, Maxipime, Mefoxin, Monocid, Omnicef, Oraxim, Rocephin, Sharox, Tazicef, Vantin, Velosef, Xeti, Zinacef, Zinat, Zinnat

Generic Ceftin
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

Pharmacological properties

Ceftin is an antibiotic (a second-generation cephalosporin), which is also known under such brade names as Megasef, Zinnat, Cefuroxime, Aksetin, Zinacef, Cefrus and Kimacef.  It refers to the group of drugs famous as cephalosporin antibiotics and acts by fighting different bacteria in our body by actually stopping the growth of these bacteria.   

GlaxoSmithKline Company distributes the given medicine in the US under the trade name Ceftin, and in the UK, Russia, Israel, Australia, Canada and other countries it is sold under the name Zinnat. So if you are a resident of these countries, you can easily buy Generic Ceftin at any drugstore of the US, Europe and Australia or order Generic Ceftin via Internet at one of the reliable online pharmacies, which is even more convenient.

The medication is often received in order to treat many various infections, caused by different bacteria such as bronchitis, Lyme disease, gonorrhea and infections of the throat, ears, urinary tract and skin infections (including severe forms that are dangerous for life). This antibiotic will not work for treatment of colds, flu and other viral infections. However, the drug may also be received for other various purposes. Generic Ceftin is available in the form of white tablets containing 125 or 250 mg of active compound cefuroxime axetil in a form of granules for suspension (used for oral administration), powder for solution for intravenous administration and powder for solution for intramuscular administration.

Application and dosage

For intravenous and intramuscular administration for adults doctors prescribe 750 mg of the drug to be taken 3 times a day; by severe infections the dosage is usually increased to 1500 mg of medication 3-4 times a day (if it is necessary, the interval between the infusions may be reduced to 6 hours). The average daily dosage of Generic Ceftin varies according to the age: for children of 3-6 years it is 30-100 mg a day in 3-4 receptions. By most infections the optimum dosage of the drug is 60 mg a day. Babies and children up to 3 months are prescribed 30 mg a day in 2-3 receptions.

Take the drug exactly as it was appointed by your doctor, not changing time and dosage. Do not receive the medication in bigger amounts and do not take it longer than it was recommended. You may take Ceftin tablets with meals or without it. Oral suspension of the drug must be received with meals. Shake it well just before you take your dosage. In order to be confident that you will get the correct dosage of the drug, measure the suspension with a medicine cup or marked measuring spoon, but not with an ordinary table spoon.   In case you do not have such devices at home, ask your doctor for one or buy it yourself.

If you decide to stop taking the tablet form of the medication and start using the oral suspension form instead, you do not have to take the same dosage in milligrams. The drug may not be as efficient as it was unless you take the exact form and dosage of Ceftin your doctor prescribed you. So receive this medicine exactly the way it was appointed by your doctor.

Your symptoms might get better before you are certain that the infection is completely cured. But you should remember that Generic Ceftin will not cure the common cold or flu. The given medicine can be a reason of false results of certain medical tests (for example, urine glucose tests). So in order to avoid it, be sure to inform any doctor who might be treating you (no matter, what it is) that you are receiving the drug.

Keep the tablets away from heat or cold temperature. If it is the bottle, it should be tightly closed when you do not take it. It might be stored in the refrigerator, but not frozen. Get rid of unused medicine that was opened 10 days ago. In case you missed the reception, take the missed dosage at the very moment you remember about it. But in case it is almost time for receiving the next dosage, skip your missed dosage and stick to your regular schedule. Do not take a double dosage of the given drug in order to compensate for a missed one. But in case you have an overdose, you might need medical attention if you doubt you have received too much.


Before you start receiving the given drug, inform your personal doctor in case you might be allergic to any of the components of the prescribed medicine. Inform the doctor who is treating you what prescription and nonprescription drugs, vitamins, substances or nutritional supplements you are using or have been taking.

Be confident to mention any of the mentioned products: anticoagulants such as Coumadin, diuretics, medicines for heartburn or ulcer disease, other antibiotics, and Benemid. Your doctor can change the dosage of any of the medicines you take or monitor you more attentively in order to prevent any possible side effects. Be sure your doctor is aware if you have ever had colitis, kidney disease or stomach problems.

Additional Information

Keep all the appointments of your doctor and the laboratory. The doctor may appoint you certain laboratory tests in order to check your body's reaction to Ceftin. If you are a diabetic person, check your urine for sugar while taking this medicine. Do not let anyone take your drugs. Your prescription may not be reusable.

If you still suffer from the symptoms of the infection, even after the completion of the course of the drug, consult your personal doctor. It is meaningful for you to keep the list of all medicines that were prescribed or were not prescribed but you were taking some of them, as well as any products and substances such as minerals, vitamins or other supplements. You have to take the given list with you every time you visit your doctor or if you go to the hospital. It is also quite important so that you keep this information close to you in case of emergency.

Ceftin is a new antibiotic that fights with different kinds of bacteria in our body. It may also be received in treatment of bacterial infections.


Generic Ceftin

General characteristics and main properties of Ceftin.

Ceftin is a new antibiotic of cephalosporin group. It is generally used as main help for the treatment of different types of bacterial infections, so the usage of the drug is needed in the treatment of various infections of the throat, lungs, sinuses and skin tissue. Generic Ceftin is also used with the aim of treating gonorrhea and infections that are transmitted sexually. The drug is widely used in the US, Europe and Australia so it is available at any drugstore of these countries. You can buy Generic Ceftin there or in a most convenient way, if you decide to order Generic Ceftin via Internet at one of the reliable online pharmacies.

The most significant information you should be aware of the given drug is that you should not try to receive it if you doubt that you are allergic to cefuroxime or similar antibiotics of the same group, such as Cefzil, Keflex and others. Before you start receiving this medication, you had better consult your doctor and find out whether you might be allergic to any medicines of such kind (especially penicillin, because it might cause the allergic reaction). Also be sure to inform your doctor if you have ever dealt with liver disease, diabetes, a history of intestinal problems, or in case you suffer from malnutrition.

Directions and precautions.

Doctors recommend taking the drug exactly as it was prescribed, not changing the dosage and time of reception. The usual recommended dosage for adults and children above 12 ranges from 250 mg twice a day to 500 mg of the drug twice a day (from 7 up to 10 days). Taking the medicine with food only helps it be better absorbed into your bloodstream. If you want to treat gonorrhea, the recommended dosage is usually 1000 mg (received as a single dosage).

You should swallow the medication (a tablet or suspension) with a glass of water. However, before you start taking Ceftin, it is better for you to have a talk with your personal doctor and discuss if you have kidney disease, intestinal disease or allergy to cephalosporin or penicillin antibiotics. Be aware, that this drug may make you feel dizzy or a bit drowsy.

So do not drive or do any important or difficult tasks that require from you mental alertness and concentration. It is also not a secret, that elderly people might be much more sensitive to the possible side effects of the given drug.   In order to decrease the development of drug-resistant bacteria and to keep the efficiency of the given medication and other antibacterial drugs, Generic Ceftin should be received only with the aim of to treating or preventing those infections that are proved or only suspected to be the reason of bacteria action.

User reviews.

Liza, USA, 23 years old: «My doctor prescribed me this medication after three days of my illness because I felt even worse taking other antibiotics: they did not help. My doctor assumed that the previous drug wasn't working because my bronchitis had turned into pneumonia. But after two days of receiving Ceftin (I was taking 250 mg, twice a day), I was really getting better.  My cough disappeared and the headache I had started to come down.

Now, in four days after I started I feel almost healthy. My cough is almost absent; I can breathe quite normally without taking any efforts and I have noticed much improvement. I have always known about the existence this drug, but I did not believe it worked. One thing that I think is quite important is that Ceftin can influence your stomach, so be confident to receive it during the meals. Crackers, toast or yogurt will be just fine».

Diane, 34 years old, Sweden: «I have had some infections in the sinus and throat. My doctor first prescribed me another antibiotic, which made me throw up. So he appointed Ceftin, and it was quite effective. I did not have any dizziness. Also, I started feeling better at once. I'm very satisfied with how this drug acts so far».

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