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Generic Cefuroxime

Medical description: Cefuroxime is an antibiotic that belongs to cephalosporin class. It acts bactericidal by violating the synthesis of the bacterial cell wall. The given drug has quite a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action. It should be stored out of the reach of little children, in a dry and dark place at a temperature less than 25 ° C. Its shelf life is 2 years. It is used by prevention of infectious complications during surgery of the thorax, abdomen, pelvis, joints, heart and by vascular surgery if there might be a risk of infectious complications.

Synonyms: Altacef, Ancef, Biofuroksym, Ceclor, Cedax, Cefasyn, Cefditoren, Cefizox, Cefobid, Cefotan, Ceftin, Ceftum, Cefurax, Cefuril, Cefuroxim, Cefzil, Cepazine, Cephuroxime, Ceptaz, Duricef, Elobact, Fortaz, Keflex, Keftab, Kefurox, Kefzol, Kerurox, Mandol, Maxipime, Mefoxin, Monocid, Omnicef, Oraxim, Rocephin, Sharox, Tazicef, Vantin, Velosef, Xeti, Zinacef, Zinat, Zinnat

Generic Cefuroxime
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

Main properties and cases of application

Cefuroxime is the 2nd generation antibiotic that has a wide spectrum of action. The drug causes bactericidal activity inhibiting bacterial cell wall synthesis and acetylating membrane-bound transpeptidases, thus violating cross links of peptidoglycans, necessary to ensure the strength and rigidity of the cell wall. The medication has a bactericidal action on most gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, but, unlike cephalexin and cefazolin it is resistant to b-lactamase of negative bacteria. It affects strains insensitive to Ampicillin and Amoxicillin and inhibits the synthesis of peptidoglycan of the cell membrane of bacteria.

The maximum concentration of Generic Cefuroxime after intravenous and intramuscular injection in plasma is 15-45 minutes. The half-life of the drug in the blood plasma is about 70 minutes. During the day the drug is emitted with the urine almost unchanged. Its therapeutic concentrations are observed in the pleural fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, myocardium, skin and soft tissues. The medication gets through transplacental barrier and into breast milk.

You should use the drug if you have bacterial infections that are caused by susceptible organisms: diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, ear, nose and throat, also urinary tract, gonorrhea, skin and soft tissue (including erysipelas, cellulitis and pyoderma), wound infection, biliary and gastrointestinal tract.    There should also be mentioned, that you can receive the given medication without a doctor’s prescription as it is widely sold around the US, Australia and Europe. You can buy Generic Cefuroxime at the nearest drugstore or you can order Generic Cefuroxime via Internet at one of the reliable online pharmacies.

Instruction for use and dosage

The medication can be administered intravenously and intramuscularly. For adults doctors appoint 750 mg of the medication to be received three times a day; by severe infections the dosage is increased to 1.5 g up to 3-4 times a day (if it is necessary, the period between infusions may be decreased to six hours). And the average daily dosage of the given medicine is 3-6 g. Children are appointed 30-100 mg per kg of the body weight a day that must be received in 3-4 hours. By the treatment of most infections the optimum dosage will be 60 mg per kg a day. Children up to 3 months and infants should receive 30 mg per kg a day in 2 - 3 doses.

Preparation of solution for injections (dilution powder for injection)

If you prefer to make suspension for intramuscular injections, add 3 ml of water for injection to 750 mg of the medication. Gently shake it to form a suspension. Cefuroxime is compatible with aqueous solutions containing 1% of lidocaine hydrochloride. And if you prefer to make a solution for intravenous injections, dissolve 750 mg of the medication in 6 ml of water for injection, and 1.5 g in 15 ml of water for injection. Both options can be injected directly into a vein or into the tube of the infusion system. Typically the duration of treatment takes up to 7 days. For better absorption of the medicine it is highly recommended to take it after having meals.


By prolonged usage of the drug it is better to monitor renal function (especially when using high doses), and to carry out preventive maintenance of dysbiosis. For those patients that have impaired renal function the dosage is usually reduced (it should be taken into account the severity of renal failure and the sensitivity of the pathogen).   Before intramuscular administration should be carried an aspiration test.

Patients with increased sensitivity to penicillin may have cross-allergic reactions with cephalosporin antibiotics. After the disappearance of the clinical signs of the disease there should be appointed another treatment for further 2-3 days. By the transition from parenteral administration to the reception inside doctors should pay attention to the severity of the infection and the general condition of the patient. In case if in 72 hours after receiving Cefuroxime there is no improvement, it is necessary to continue the parenteral administration. There may be a false positive reaction to the sugar in the urine.

Result of interaction with other medications

While receiving the drugs that reduce platelet aggregation at the same time, the risk of bleeding increases. While the usage of Generic Cefuroxime together with erythromycin there is reduced the activity of both antibiotics. Reception of the drug with aminoglycoside antibiotics increases the toxicity. When using the drug with diuretics the risk of kidney failure increases.

Cefuroxime is an effective antibiotic recognized in the whole world as the drug which helps people suffering from different bacterial infections.


Generic Cefuroxime

Cefuroxime as an effective antibiotic.

Cefuroxime is an efficient antibiotic of the 2nd generation that belongs to a class of medicines that are known as cephalosporin antibiotics. It usually acts by fighting different kinds of bacteria in the human body. Generic Cefuroxime is of great help by the treatment of many kinds of bacterial infections, including even severe forms or those ones that can be threatening for your life. The given drug can also be received for many other purposes not listed there.

The medication violates the synthesis of the bacterial cell wall. It also has quite a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action and is highly active as means against gram-positive microorganisms. If you want to buy Generic Cefuroxime, you can actually do it at any of the drugstores in the USA, Europe and Australia even without a prescription of your personal doctor. You can also order Generic Cefuroxime via Internet by making an order at one of the reliable online pharmacies.

What should you do before taking the drug?

If you are going to start receiving Generic Cefuroxime, you should first find out if you are allergic to the given medication or one of its components. So before using the drug, inform your doctor or ask for advice if you are allergic to any medications (similar or not) and especially penicillin. You should also ask your doctor for advice if you have ever suffered from diabetes, liver diseases, problems with kidneys or if you have ever been malnourished.

This drug can make pills against pregnancy less efficient, which may lead to unwanted pregnancy. So you should inform your personal doctor if you are taking pills for birth control in order to prevent pregnancy. You may also need to use another form of contraception during treatment with the help of the given medication.   Receive this medicine the way it has been prescribed by your personal doctor, not changing anything.

The symptoms of your ailment might get much better before the course of treatment is completed. But you should remember that Cefuroxime will not be effective for treating a viral infection, for example, the common cold or flu.   Be aware, that antibiotics can cause diarrhea, and it can be a sign of a new bacterial infection. So if you have such signs, you should call your doctor. Remember, that you do not have to try to receive any other medicine in order to stop the diarrhea unless it was told by your doctor. The usage of the drug may lead to false results at some medical tests. So be sure to tell any doctor who might treat you (not only the one who prescribed you the drug) that you are using Cefuroxime.

User reviews.

Katherine, 56 years old, Sweden: «I have tried using different medications over a few years and Generic Cefuroxime seems to be the most efficient of them. Just 2 pills of a drug a day at breakfast and dinner, and there are no meaningful side effects. I felt better in about three days but I kept receiving the drug for the full 14 days in order to complete the course of treatment».

James, 19 years old, England: «I have suffered from the pain in my abdomen for quite a long. Then it was diagnosed that I had urinary tract infection. So my personal doctor prescribed me to take 500 mg of Cefuroxime twice a day good for up to seven days. The pain was gone even after receiving the first tablet. I was really surprised to have no significant side effects and I felt while quite good during the treatment with the help of this medicine until I completed the course in 7 days».

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