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Generic Cipro

Medical description: Cipro is a popular medication, which is used for treating different bacterial infections in the organism. It belongs to fluoroquinolones. Sometimes this kind of medications is called quinolone antibacterials. The drug anti-bacterial activity is very high. It can significantly help with a broad range of infections. Cipro kills bacteria which cause infections in the organism. It can be applied only for specific bacteria strains. It’s vital to use the drug under t medical specialist’s supervision. It may also be applied for other conditions, if you doctor considers it appropriate. Description: Cipro one of the most effective drugs which kill various bacterial infections in the organism.

Synonyms: Ciplox, Cipract, Bacquinor, Baycip, Bernoflox, Ciflox, Cifloxin, Ciloxan, Ciprinol, Ciprobay, Ciprocinol, Ciprodar, Cipromycin, Ciproquinol, Ciproxan, Ciproxin, Flociprin, Floxin, Ocuflox, Proquin XR, Septicide, Velomonit

Generic Cipro
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

Cipro Facts

Cipro is found to be an antibiotic, belonging to group of medications, known as fluoroquinolones. The drug is able to fight various bacteria in the organism. It may be even used by those who previously exposed to anthrax.

Important Safety Information

It’s vital not to take Generic Cipro while you are on such a drug as tizanidine. Besides, if you suffer from a muscle disorder, you will not be able to take the remedy. Certainly, tell the physician about having myasthenia gravis. The medication can evoke some tendon tearing and swelling, especially in the place of Achilles’ tendon of the heel. If you are older than 60, you have more chances to face with such an effect. If you are on steroid medications, or have experienced lung, heart and kidney transplant. If you descry any pain, swelling, stiffness, bruising or problems with movements in the joints, it’s better to call the doctor at once. Rest the join, until you get medical care.

Before Drug Taking

It’s not suggested to use the Cipro if you:

- Allergic to the medicine
- Are currently taking tizanidine
- Are allergic to other medications, which belong to fluoroquinolones
To be sure that Cipro is really good and safe for your health, tell the doctor about:
- Heart rhythm disorder, even if you are taking medicines for treating it
- Long QT syndrome history
- Problems with joints, arthritis
- Disorders associated with nerves and muscles
- Problems with pill swallowing
- Kidney problems
- Have faced with head injury or tumor in the brain
- Epilepsy or seizures
- Potassium low levels in the blood
- Diabetes
- You are taking blood thinner

Cipro and Pregnancy

According to FDA, Cipro is a category C pregnancy medication. It’s not yet totally clear if it can be beneficial or dangerous for a fetus. It’s significant to tell the physician that you are pregnant or have plans to carry a child in the nearest time, before he prescribes you the drug. The drug can pass into milk of a breastfeeding mom and it can really harmful for a nursing baby. It is suggested not to breast-feed a baby while taking the drug.

How to take Cipro?

Usually, the remedy is taken 2 times per day that is every 12 hours. It is vital to follow all the directions of the doctor and what is written in the Medication Guide. Do not take bigger or smaller doses, because it can result in negative side effects. It is better to take the drug with a glass full of water. It’s good to drink much water while being on the drug. You can take the remedy with or without meal, but it is significant to have it at the same time.

It’s not suggested to have the medicine with various dairy products, such as yoghurt and milk. Also don’t try use calcium-fortified juice. You can eat all above mentioned products, but not at the moment when taking the drug. Have it as a separate meal. Taking them with the medication can lessen its effects. It is better not to crush, break, and chew a tablet. Swallow it without any chewing.  As for oral suspension, shake it during 15 seconds before measuring a dosage.

Take a special measuring spoon or cup. If there is no, ask your physician. It is not suggested to give this suspension through a feeding tube. You should swallow all the liquid, not chewing it. Take the drug during the whole period, it was prescribed for you. Do not change anything. You will notice your improved symptoms only when the infection is wholly cleared from the organism.  If you skip a dose, it can be not good and may lead to increased risks of other different infections, which can make you resistant to them.

Remember that Cipro will not treat as flu and cold. If you are receiving treatment for gonorrhea, the doctor may also test you for syphilis and other various sexually transmitted diseases. Do not share the drug with anyone, even if they have similar symptoms.  Keep the remedy at room temperature, in a cold and dry place. Avoid any heat and possible moisture. Make sure that the liquid medicine can’t freeze. If the drug is not used during 14 days, throw it away.

What if I miss a dosage and overdose it?

Before you buy Generic Cipro it’s important to learn all possible information about the drug and remember it. It’s not suggested to miss a dose. When this happens take it when you recall. If it is time of the next dose already skip a missed one. Do not take extra drug to cover missed doses. Try to avoid this. Overdosing any medication can lead to unpleasant consequences. If you overdose Cipro, it is better to contact with your physician.

What to avoid?

It is normal that you are taking other different drugs, while being prescribed Cipro. That’s why you should about all of them to your doctor to avoid any drug interactions. It is suggested to take the following drugs 6 or 2 hours after taking Cipro. These medications can make the effect of the Cipro not so effective. Among them are:

- Didanosine chewable tablets or powder
- Antacids, containing aluminum and magnesium
- Various mineral supplements and vitamins, especially those which contain iron, zinc and calcium.
Avoid drinking coffee while being on the drug, because the drug can make the caffeine effect very strong. It is important to avoid tanning beds and sun exposure. It will be very easy to sunburn with this drug, so be careful. Try to wear clothing, which is protective. Use sunscreen with SPF 30 or even higher when you are outdoors. If you notice any severe redness, burning, swelling, itching and rash after time spent in the sun call the doctor.

Before you order Generic Cipro, you should know that it can cause some diarrhea, which can tell about another infection in the organism. If you diarrhea is bloody and watery, stop taking the drug and call the doctor. Do not take any medication against diarrhea, until the physician tells you. Cipro can impair your reactions and thinking. Be very cautious while driving a car or doing those things, which require you to be brisk and alert.  If you observe any allergic reactions, while having the drug call the medical help.

Cipro one of the most effective drugs which kill various bacterial infections in the organism. The drug belongs to fluoroquinolones.


Generic Cipro

Cipro against Infections.

Cipro is found to be a fluoroquinolone antibacterial medication. It is strong effective, but sometimes it can bring in some complicated side effects, if not taken in a proper way. Some of them can result in death. If you observe unusual side effects, while taking the medication, it’s better to contact the doctor immediately. He will define if you should go on treatment with Generic Cipro or not. The drug is used for adults, from 18 years and older for treating various infections, which were provoked by certain bacteria. It can be applied in the following situations:

- Infection of the chronic prostate
- Infection of the urinary tract
- Various skin infections
- Infection of the sinus
- Infection of the joints and bones
- Infection of the lower respiratory tract
- Complicated intra-abdominal infection
- Plague
- Enteric fever
- Diarrhea
- Uncomplicated urethral and cervical gonorrhea
- People with fever and low blood count
- Nosocomial pneumonia
- Inhalational anthrax
Who else can use the drug?

The medication can be prescribed for children, who are younger 18. You can buy Generic Cipro for your child, if it faced with complicated infection of the urinary tract, various kidney infections, and plague. Those children who have breathed in anthrax germs or have been exposed to germs of plague can also be prescribed with such a medication. But you should remember that those, who are younger than 18 years have more chances to face with joint, tendon or bone problems, including swelling or pain, while being on the drug. It is significant to know, that Cipro should not be the first choice medication for treating various infections in little children.

Who shouldn’t take Cipro?

Before you order generic Cipro, it is vital to learn all the information about it. It is not suggested to take Cipro in the following cases:

- If you have already experienced some allergic reactions on one of the medications, which belong to fluoroquinolones. 
- You are allergic to one of the components in the drug
- You are currently taking tizanidine
If you are unsure in something, contact your healthcare provider.

What to tell a doctor before taking Cipro?

It’s better to tell your physician about all the following things:

- Have experienced problems with tendon
- Have experienced myasthenia gravis
- Have experinced problems with liver
- Have experienced epilepsy
- Have problems with nervous system
- Have experinced problems with joints, including rheumatoid arthritis
- Have problems with pill swallowing
- Have experienced problems with kidneys
- Have experienced “QT prolongation (family history is also possible)
- You are a breastfeeding mom
- Have experienced seizures
- You are pregnant
Tell your physician about all the drugs, you are taking at the moment.

Cipro is such a medication, which can work actively with other drugs, that’s why it is good to tell the healthcare provider about taking:

- Diuretic medications
- Steroid drugs
- Tricyclic antidepressants
- Anti-psychotic drugs
- Theophylline
- Oral anti-diabetes medications
- Ropinirole
- blood thinner
- clozapine
- methotrexate
- cyclosporine
- duloxetine
- caffeine products
- sildenafil
You can ask doctor for this list, to be sure about everything.

How to take the medication?

- Take the drug the way your doctor prescribed, do not change anything
- Take Cipro in the morning and evening at a set time
- Swallow the whole tablet, don’t crush it, and split. If you have problems with swallowing, tell your doctor
- Take it with or without any meal
- Avoid taking the drug with dairy products

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