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Generic Cleocin

Medical description: Generic Cleocin is a kind of preparation, close to Lincomycin by its chemical structure, acting mechanism and antimicrobial spectrum. Concerning to some kinds of microorganisms, this preparation is far more active than Lincomycin is. Cleocin has a good absorption into the blood stream, fluids and body tissues. Having the decreased kidney function, the Cleocin excretion can be surely delayed. The list of main indications includes the respiratory tract infections, skin and soft tissue infections, arthrosis, infections of the abdominal cavity organs, septical fever and others.

Synonyms: Clincin, Dalcap, Chlolincocin, Clinda-Derm, Clindagel, Clindamicina, Clindesse, Clindets, Clinimycin, Dalacin, Evoclin, Sobelin

Generic Cleocin
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

Generic Cleocin characteristics

Generic Cleocin is a kind of semisynthetic antibiotic, belonging to the group of lincosamides. It is widely used in the medical practice in a form of hydrochloride. The pharmacologic acting of the preparation is antibacterial, antiprotozoal. It makes general bacteriostatic action. The preparation usage in a high concentration according to the sensitive microorganisms can cause the strong bactericide effect. Generic Cleocin has a fast absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.

Generic Cleocin usage

The Cleocin preparation is widely used for systemic usage. First of all, it is available to use for treating the bacterial infections, caused by the sensitive microorganisms:

- Infections of the ORT organs (pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis);
- Infections of the respiratory apparatus (bronchitis, pneumonia, alveolitis, pleural empyema);
- Bones infections (arthritis, central osteitis);
- Septic infections of the body tissues (bacterial acne, furunculus, impetigo, infected wounds, abscesses);
- Septical fever (principally, anaerobic infection);
- Infections of the pelvic organs and intraabdominal infections (peritonitis, intraabdominal abscesses);
- Gynecological disorders (endometritis, ovarian abscess, adnexitis);
- Infections of the oral cavity, included periodontal abscess;
- Toxoplasma encephalitis;
- Tropical malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum;
- Pneumocystis pneumonia;
- Bacterial endocarditis;
- Scarlet fever;
- Diphtheria.
Generic Cleocin is also available for intravaginal use: vaginosis, caused by the Cleocin sensitive microorganisms. The preparation is available for external use in a form of cream to treat acne.


To order Generic Cleocin, it is important to use it wisely, following the indication list. Contraindications are the first things it is necessary to learn before the preparation usage.  The main contraindications for Generic Cleocin usage are: hypersensitivity (included the Lincomycin hypersensitivity), regional enteritis, ulcerative or antibiotic-associated colitis.

Generic Cleocin use limitations

Myasthenia, expressed disorders of the liver and kidneys functions, early infancy.

Pregnancy and breast feeding

Generic Cleocin is available to be used by pregnant in case, when the supposed therapy effect exceeds the potential risk for a baby. The risks are definitely high. It was investigated that Cleocin, having the Clindamycin active component, interferes the placenta and concentrates in the baby’s liver. The cases, when the Cleocin preparation usage was the main reason of the preterm delivery or any other complicated disorders for mother, weren’t fixed.

According to FDA, the category of Generic Cleocin foetus influence is B. Generic Cleocin usage in the period of breast feeding must be controlled carefully. The preparation interferes into the mother’s milk, when it was used orally. There are no exact results whether the preparation can be interfered into the mother’s milk during the external and intravaginal usage or not.

Generic Cleocin side effects

The side effects in the indication list are all the negative effects to the patients’ organism that were ever fixed before.  Possible Cleocin negative influence to the nervous system: rare disorders of the neuromuscular pathways. Possible Cleocin negative influence to the cardio and blood system: leucopenia, thrombocytopenia, cardio decompensating and heart disorders.

Possible Cleocin negative influence to the gastrointestinal tract organs: stomach pain, colitis, vomitus, diarrhea, dysbacteriosis, liver functions disorders, hyperbilirubinemia.  Possible allergic reactions, caused by Cleocin usage: generalized rash of any difficulty level, urticarial fever, itch, dermatitis, erythema multiform, toxic necrolysis, and anaphylactoid reactions. The other possible negative side effects, happening occasionally: azotemia, polyarthritis, proteinemia.


The main symptoms of Cleocin overdosing are the increasing and strengthening of the side effects acting.

Dosage and administration

The dosage regulations and the lasting period of the treating therapy must be determined individually, by taking into the account the main indications, infection severity, disease severity, disease producing factor. For adults it is recommended to take the dosage of 150-450 mg/kg every 6-8 hours. For children it is recommended to take the dosage of 8-25 mg/kg every day, divided into 3 taking dosages. Externally, the Cleocin preparation must be applied to the dry skin in the disorder region twice a day. Intravaginal Generic Cleocin must be taken in the dosage of 100 mg during 3-7 days.

Generic Cleocin safety measures

The Cleocin preparation is a kind of antibiotic drug. It is available to order Generic Cleocin and start threating therapy, according to the doctor’s prescriptions. It is important to stop Cleocin threating therapy and take the necessary measures in case the appearance of the hypersensitivity to the preparation acting. It is well known, that antibacterial preparations suppress the active intestinal flora, increasing the generation of clostridium at that.

Taking Generic Cleocin in the high dosage, it is important to have the full control over the treating therapy and Clindamycin concentration in blood plasma. In case the treating process must be prolonged during the definite period of time, it is important making the renal function tests regularly.

Combining Cleocin with the other preparations it is not recommended to mix the usage of Cleocin vaginal cream and other preparations, recommended for intravaginal usage. During the Cleocin treating intravaginal therapy it is not recommended usage of the contraception means. The Cleocin cream components can reduce the strength of the latex goods.  Having the accidental contact with the sensitive skin surface, it is necessary to wash the affected skin area with cold water.

Generic Cleocin - hydrated hydrochloride salt of Clindamycin, produced in a form of hydrochloride for oral use and, as a phosphate, for injections.


Generic Cleocin

Generic Cleocin useful annotations.

Generic Cleocin is a kind of semisynthetic drug of a lincosamides group, close to Lincomycin, displacing the hydroxyl group with the chloride The antibiotic preparations of any group are recommended to use, according to the doctor’s prescription. The main rule we should remember – the antibiotic preparations usage must be reasonably necessary.

It means that we should order Generic Cleocin or any other antibiotic drug, just in case, it is absolutely impossible to dispose of their usage. The main indication to the antibiotics usage is the appearance of the acute bacterial infection, which is too harmful for our organism:

- Persistent temperature rising;
- Purulent discharges;
- Changes of a blood composition
- Repeat deterioration in the patient’s condition.
Before ordering the antibiotic preparation, we must remember that these kinds of drugs are useless for treating diseases, caused by virus. That’s why, having flue, acute respiratory infection, or other kinds of the acute enteric infections, usage of the antibacterial preparations can be senseless and, though, harmful.


Generic Cleocin is a kind of antibiotic drug, having Clindamycin acting component. It is similar with the Lincomycin by its chemical structure, acting mechanism and antimicrobial spectrum. As a new preparation, well improved and well modified, Generic Cleocin can be more active, having influence to some kinds of microorganisms. Pharmacological acting is antibacterial, antiprotozoal drug. Generic Cleocin is widely used in the medical practice in a form of hydrochloride, hydrochloride palmitate and phosphate.

Indications for use.

Having serious health problems of a bacterial character, we should take a fast and right decision and make all the necessary tests. Definitely, our doctor will prescribe the proper preparation, according to the kind of infection we have. To buy Generic Cleocin is not a problem, as it is one of the widely used antibacterial preparations of a wide range of acting.  It is recommended to use for treating the various bacterial infections. The preparation is also recommended to use by patients, suffering from Penicillin allergy. So, we should buy Generic Cleocin, suffering from:

- Infective diseases of a severe acute (pneumonia, lungs abscess, adnexitis, central osteitis, peritonitis, septic skin infections);
- Reserve antibiotic, treating different strong infection;
- Vaginosis.
Every attentive reader should admit that Generic Cleocin indications are almost similar with Lincomycin indications to use.Notably, they are both used to treat the respiratory tract infections, skin and soft tissue infections, intestinal tract infections, septical fever and others.

Contraindications and side effects.

It is not recommended to order Generic Cleocin and use it by patients, having any allergic reaction to the preparation components. It is also not recommended to be taken by pregnant and breast feeding women.  The available side effects can be expressed in a form of sickness and vomiting. Sometimes, preparation usage can cause the stomach pain and, possibly, yellow sickness. Who must be the most careful, taking the Cleocin preparation? The main attention must be paid to patients, suffering from the intestinal tract disorders.  Generic Cleocin is available to buy in the pharmacy, or being ordered online. It doesn’t matter, which way we chose. The main thing is to use it carefully.

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