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Generic Ethambutol

Medical description: Ethambutol is one of the most efficient medications, indicated for tuberculosis treatment. It is often prescribed together with rifampicin, pyrazinamide and isoniazid. It is also applied for MAC treatment. It is quite strong, and can lead to some problems with liver, vision and various allergies. It is pregnancy category C drug, which means it to be not harmful for pregnant women. If is necessary, one can use it during the period of breastfeeding.

Synonyms: Aethambutolum, Dadibutol, Diambutol, Etibi, Themibutal, Tibitol, Tibutol

Generic Ethambutol
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

What is Ethambutol?

Generic Ethambutol is used to treat tuberculosis lung infection together with other drugs. The doctor may also prescribe you it to cure some other medical conditions. It is known to be an antibacterial agent. It stops TB cells and lead to their death.

Do not use it if:

- you have allergy to the drug or its components
- your optic nerve is inflamed (optic neuritis)
If you observe all above changes, contact the doctor for more detailed and concrete information.

Before using:

Remember that a number of medical conditions can interact with the drug. If you have the following health problems, tell your physician about them surely:

- you are pregnant or are becoming to get pregnant
- you are a breast-feeding mom
- you are taking other nonprescription and prescription drugs, dietary supplement and herbs
- you are allergic to some drugs, foods or substances
- you suffer from gouty arthritis or gout attack
- you have faced with cataracts, inflammation of eyes or their problems, which were cause by diabetes
- you have kidney and liver problems
Some drugs can interact with Ethambutol, but no specific of them are not yet known. Certainly, ask the physician if Ethambutol can interact with those drugs you are currently taking. Check all these moment before you start the prescription course.

How to use?

Use the drug, as it was directed by your health care provider. Always check the label to read once more the exact dosing information.

- take it by mouth
- take with or without meal
- take at a fixed time each day
- don’t take an antacid, which includes aluminum hydroxide within 4 hours after taking Ethambutol
- if you miss a dosage, take it when you remember
- when it’s time for the next one, skip a missed one
- do not take doubled or tripled doses
Important Ethambutol safety information

When you order Generic Ethambutol, it’s vital to learn much information about it. It will help o avoid any possible side effects and complications with a wrong drug using. You should know that the medication can lead to dizziness. If you take it with alcohol or some other strong drugs, the effect can be worse. Cautiously use the medication. It’s not suggested to drive or operate some other dangerous machinery, until you know how the drug influences on your organism.

The drug can reduce the clearness of vision. It can even lead to its loss. It depends on your prescribed dose and the length of treatment. It is always reversible when you stop taking the medication. But, permanent blindness has been noticed in some cases. If you notice any changes with your vision, contact the doctor immediately.

Use Ethambutol during the whole course of treatment, which is indicated by the physician. If you see improvement, continue taking it. Abrupt stop may lead to reoccurrence of infection. It may not be nor cured fully. If you stop it beforehand, these particular bacteria can become less sensitive to this or other drugs. It can lead to some further complications. It can even be more difficult to cure such an infection in the future.

Remember that Ethambutol is applied only for concrete bacteria, not all of them. It is not used for cold and flu treatment. If you use the medication for a long time and repeatedly it can lead to the occurrence of the second infection. If you notice some signs of a new infection, contact the doctor. He may change your medication.

When using Ethambutol, the doctor may tell you to do different tests, including complete blood counts, vision, kidney and liver function. The tests are used for condition monitoring and checking for various side effects.

Use in specific population

Do not buy Generic Ethambutol for children, who are younger than 13. It hasn’t yet been confirmed about safety and effectiveness of the medication in such cases.  If you are taking the drug and you got pregnant, contact the doctor. You will discuss with him all the benefits and disadvantages of taking the medication. Ethambutol can pass into breast milk, which can be harmful to the fetus. If you are a breast-feeding mom, talk with the doctor about Ethambutol treatment as well.

Side Effects

Each medication can lead to some sort of side effects. In order to avoid them, it’s suggested to take the medication in accordance to all the recommendations of the doctor. The most common side effects with which you can face, taking this kind of drug are the following:

- dizziness
- loss of appetite
- headache
- discomfort of the body
- stomach pain or upset
- vomiting 
- nausea
In some cases, it’s possible to face with some severe side effects. If any of them appear, call the doctor:
- rash
- itching
- hives
- swollen face, mouth, tongue or lips
- fever
- dark urine
- pain in the lower back
- numbness
- pale stools
- skin redness
- bleeding or bruising
- blurred vision
- reduced vision
- eyes and skin yellowing
Pregnancy Precautions

FDA approved the medication to pregnancy category C. There are no fixed and controlled information in human pregnancy cases. There are some reports about abnormalities in infants, born by women who had some therapy against tuberculosis, which included Ethambutol. It’s not suggested to prescribe the medication for pregnant women, until there are more benefits than risks. It can also cross the placenta. The medication can also excrete to human milk. American Academy of pediatrics considered the medication compatible with breast-feeding.

Dosage Administration

Follow all the direction, written on the prescription label. Do not worry if the doctor changes a dose and prescribes you one, which is not listed in the Medication Guide. Do not make the dose bigger or smaller. Tell the doctor about ever having used the drugs against tuberculosis. If you have faced with TB treatment previously, a dose can be quite different. You may take the medication with or without meal. If you have some changes concerning your weight, tell the doctor about it. The doses of the medication are based on the weight of body.

Ethambutol is a bacteriostatic antimycobacterial medication, prescribed to treat TB. It is often indicated in combination with other drugs.


Generic Ethambutol

What is Ethambutol?

Generic Ethambutol is the medication, which is indicated for tuberculosis medication. It can be prescribed together with pyrazinamide, rifampicin and isoniazid. You can use it to cure a number of infections, including Mycobacterium kansasii and mycobacterium avium complex. The drug is available in the list of Essential Medicines of World Health organization. This list is found to be one of the most significant for the basic treatment of the organism.

Drug Uses.

The medication is indicated in the following cases:

- Tuberculosis
- Mycobacterium avium complex
- Mycobacterium kansasii
- Adverse Effects.
- Optic neuritis
- Peripheral neuropathy
- Hepatotoxicity
- Vertical nystagmus
- Milk skin reactions
- Red-green color blindness
If any of them occur contact the doctor immediately.

How it acts?

Ethambutol is found to be bacteriostatic. It actively acts against TB bacilli growing. It obstructs the wall of cells. The drug is well absorbed by the organism and its gastrointestinal tract. It is distributed well in body fluids and tissues. 50% of it is excreted without changes with urine.

What else should I know about the drug?

When you order Generic Ethambutol, make sure you know all the detailed information about it. It will be impossible to take it, if you have any eye problems. If you are allergic to the drug or any similar medications, you will not be allowed to have it as well. If you have faced with optic neuritis, you will not be able to take the medicine.  Discuss the matter with your physician and he will decide if the drug is beneficial for you or not.  Remember that Ethambutol can lead to some problems with eyes. If you can’t recognize you vision changes, you will not be prescribed with the drug. Debilitated patients and kids will be not able to tell about vision changes. To be sure that the drug is good and safe, tell the doctor about the following:

- iritis or uveitis
- cataracts
- problems with eyes, which arte caused with diabetes
- problems with lever
- kidney problems
- gout
FDA approved the medication to be pregnancy category C. There is not yet concrete information whether it will be harmful or not to the fetus. If you are pregnant or got pregnant during the prescription course, contact with the doctor.

What are side effects of Ethambutol?

When you buy Generic Ethambutol, be sure to know all the side effects the drug can lead to. If you notice any of these symptoms, call the doctor:

- swollen face, tongue, lips, throat 
- hives 
- difficulties with breathing 
Among severe side effects are:
- blurred vision
- troubles with focusing
- vision loss
- higher sensitivity of eyes to light
- eye movement pain
- color vision loss
- pain behind the eyes
Contact the doctor if you observe:
- numbness
- tingling in feet and hands
- confusion
- hallucinations
- swollen glands
- symptoms of flu and cold
- fever
- mouth sores
- bruising and easy bleeding
- pain in the chest
- pain in the stomach
- jaundice
What is the dosage?

In order to treat tuberculosis, one should take 15mf per 1 kilo 1 time a day during the period of 6-8 weeks.  For the retreatment cases: 25mg per 1 kilo 1 time a day during the period of 2 months concurrently with some other drug against TB. After 2 months, it’s suggested to reduce doses to 15 mg per 1 kilo. One can also be administered with alternative dose: 40 mg/kg orally 2 times a week and 30 mg/kg orally thrice a week. It’s quite important to tell the doctor about changes in your body weight, as the dose depends on it. If the doctor prescribes you a dosage, which is not written in the Medication Guide, do not worry. Follow all the suggestions of the physician to get the best results with the medication.

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