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Generic Floxin

Medical description: Floxin is an antibiotic, applied for the cure of particular bacterial infections. It can’t be applied for curing viral infections (cold or flu). The remedy belongs to fluoroquinolones. It struggles with particular bacteria. Sometimes, the medicine can be applied for some other aims, not mentioned here. It’s suggested to stick to all the recommendations of the doctor while having the medication. Take it the exact way your doctor told you. Do not alter the period of treatment and amount of medicine.

Synonyms: Euflox, Eufox, Offmark, Woflox, Akilen, Baccidal, Bactocin, Danoflox, Effexin, Exocin, Flobacin, Flodemex, Flotavid, Flovid, Floxal, Floxil, Floxstat, Fugacin, Inoflox, Kinflocin, Kinoxacin, Liflox, Loxinter, Marfloxacin, Medofloxine, Mergexin, Novecin, Nufafloqo, O-Flox, Obide, Occidal, Ocuflox, Ofcin, Oflin, Oflocee, Oflocet, Oflocin, Oflodal, Oflodex, Oflodura, Oflox, Ofloxin, Ofus, Operan, Orocin, Otonil, Pharflox, Praxin, Puiritol, Qinolon, Qipro, Quotavil, Rilox, Sinflo, Tabrin, Taravid, Tariflox, Tarivid, Telbit, Tructum, Viotisone, Zanocin

Generic Floxin
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

What is Floxin?

Floxin belongs to fluoroquinolones drugs. It’s indicated in order to fight certain bacteria in the organism. The drug is applied for treating versatile bacterial infections of the lungs, skin, and urinary tract or prostate. It’s often applied for the cure of pelvic inflammatory disease and gonorrhea. Generic Floxin may also be prescribed for other aims, not listed in the guide.

Before Taking

If there are allergies to e fluoroquinolones, you should not apply Floxin. In case of muscle disorder, you’ll also not be able to use it. If you experienced myasthenia gravis, tell your doctor about it as well. To be sure that the drug is really beneficial for you, tell the doctor about: heart rhythm disorder and whether you are taking drugs for it, long QT syndrome history, nerve or muscle disorder, kidney problems, epilepsy or seizures, allergic reaction to some antibiotics, brain tumor or head injury history, liver problems, arthritis, tendon problems, potassium low levels, diabetes.

Medical Uses

The medication is used for: prostatitis, urethra and cervix infections, nongonococcal urethritis and cervicitis, uncomplicated cystitis, communit-acquired pneumonia, urethral and cervical gonorrhea.

How To Take Floxin?

The medication is usually taken each 12 hours. It’s so vital to stick to all the tips on the label. Do not take some larger or smaller amounts of the drug. Do not make the period of treatment with the antibiotic longer, than it was prescribed. It’s suggested to take Floxin with a full glass of water. Continue drinking much water during the whole period of treatment. The antibiotic can be taken with or without meal. It’s recommended to take Floxin at the fixed time every day.

Apply the antibiotic for the full prescribed length of time, which was indicated by the doctor. Your symptoms may quickly improve, but the infection may not be totally cured. It’s beneficial not to skip dosages, as it can be a reason of various infections, which are quite resistant to antibiotics. Floxin is not used for treating flu or cold. If you are going to treat gonorrhea, your doctor should certainly test you for syphilis and other STD.

It’s not advised to share the medication with some other people, especially a child, even though their symptoms are similar. Taking this medication may lead to false positive screen drug tests. When giving urine for drug screening, tell about taking Floxin.  It’s better to store the drug at room temperature. Hide it away from any heat and moisture. Keep the bottle tightly closed.

What If I Skip A Dose?

When you forget taking a dose, it’s not a big problem, take it as soon as you notice it. If it’s time for the next one, skip the missed one. Do not take some extra of the drug to compensate the missed dosage.

What To Avoid?

Pay attention to other medicines, which you are taking together with Floxin. It’s suggested to avoid the following drugs 2 hours before and after taking the antibiotic. These are: antacids, which contain magnesium, aluminum or calcium and mineral or vitamin supplements, containing calcium, magnesium, aluminum, zinc or iron.

It’s suggested to avoid too much of sun exposure, because the drug may cause you sunburn too quickly. It’s better to wear some clothing, which can protect you outdoors. If you have any severe burning, itching, swelling, rash, redness after time spent in the sun, call the doctor.

Antibiotics can make you suffer from diarrhea, which can signify a new infection. In case of bloody and watery diarrhea, stop taking the cure. Do not use any anti-diarrhea drugs without any consultations with the doctor. Floxin can also impair your reactions and visions. That’s why you should be really very careful while driving the car or performing some other alert activities.

Side Effects

If you have of the following sighs, get an emergency help: skin rash, hives, fast heartbeats, swollen face, throat, lips, tongue, difficulties with breathing, tendon rupture abrupt pain, bruising, stiffness, tenderness, problems with movements, numbness, severe dizziness, clay-colored stools, jaundice, chills, seizures.

Common Side Effects

Vomiting, mild diarrhea, vaginal discharge or itching, mild headache, mild dizziness, discomfort in the stomach.

Floxin And Preganacy

Before you buy Generic Floxin, know that it can be excreted into breast milk. It’s not beneficial for a nursing baby. If you are taking Floxin, you’d better not breast-feed. Floxin belongs to FDA pregnancy category C. It’s not yet fully known whether it can harm or not an unborn baby. If you plan to become pregnant, you should certainly tell this to your doctor.

What Other Drugs Can Affect Floxin?

It’s highly suggested to inform the doctor about the following drugs you are currently taking: cimetidine, a blood thinner, theophylline, insulin or oral diabetes medications, such as glyburide, NSAID, steroid medication, cyclosporine, probenecid.

Additional Information

Before you order Generic Floxin, you should know much information about it. The medication can lead to lightheadedness, dizziness, or drowsiness. The effects may be even more intricate if you take the remedy in combination with other medications or alcohol. If you have problems with diabetes, you should know that the medicine affects the levels of your blood sugar. That’s why it’s quite significant to talk with your doctor about new dosage of your diabetes drugs. Before getting some dental care, it’s also recommended to tell the dentist about taking Floxin. If you use the medication for a long time or repeatedly it may lead to one more infection. If there are any new signs of the infection, contact the doctor.

Floxin is antibiotic, which belongs to the medicine group, known as fluoroquinolones. It’s applied in order to cure certain bacterial infections.


Generic Floxin

Floxin belongs to fluoroquinolones medications.

It is prescribed for adults to cure particular infections, caused by certain bacteria in the organism. It is not yet known whether Generic Floxin is safe for those, who are younger than 18. If the drug is given to children, they have more chances to face with joint, tendon or bone problems. They may also experience abrupt pain or swelling during the treatment with the medication. Some infections can be a cause of a certain virus, but not bacteria. These can be lung or sinuses infections, for example flu or cold. This antibiotic is not indicated to kill such viruses. If you are taking the drug for a long time already and your condition doesn’t improve, you should certainly call the doctor.

Who can take Floxin?

If you have ever experienced any severe allergies to antibiotics or its ingredients, you’d better not to take this drug. If you are not sure concerning this, ask you HCP. To know all the ingredients, read the list, given in the Medication Guide.

What to tell the doctor before starting treatment?

Tell your HCP about the following: tendon problems, liver problems, seizures, problems with a nervous system, irregular heartbeat, “QT prolongation”, kidney problems, myasthenia gravis, rheumatoid arthritis, being pregnant or plants to get pregnant, being a breast-feeding mom. It’s also vital to mention all the medicines you are taking at the moment. This is very important before you buy Generic Floxin and start taking it. Tell about prescription, over-the-counter products, vitamins, herbs, various supplements.  If you are taking the following drugs, tell the doctor: tricyclic antidepressants, a water pill (diuretic), blood thinners, theophylline, NSAIDs, antiarrhythmics, anti-psychotic medicines, steroid medicines. It’s vital to mention all the cures, because some of them can make the effects of Floxin not correct. Take Floxin 2 hours before or after taking the following: didanosine, sulcrafate, multivitamins, an antacid, and other products, containing iron, calcium, aluminum, zinc or magnesium.

How to take?

Take at the same fixed time each day, during the whole prescribed period. Do not stop taking it, even if there are some improvements in the symptoms. Drink much water during the treatment period. Take it with or without meal. Do not miss doses.

What other information should I know?

When you order Generic Floxin, know that it can lead to the feeling of dizziness. You may be lightheaded as well. It’s not suggested to operate any machinery, including driving a car while being treated with the drug. Avoid any possible activities, which require from you alertness. Restrain yourself, until you know how the medication affects your body and organism. It’s also good to avoid any tanning beds, sunlamps. Try spending less time under the sun. When it’s unavoidable, take the protective glasses and clothing. The drug can make you sunburn so quickly, so you may even get severe redness, blisters, or swollen skin. If any of these symptoms occur, call the doctor at once. 

What are common side effects?

Common side effects of the drug include: troubles with sleeping, depression, hives, breathing difficulties,faint, increased heart rate, yellowing of the skin, burning, weakness, nausea, vomiting. Most of the sings are not serious and can disappear when your organism adjusts to the medication. Sometimes, this drug can be indicated for some other aims. So, be not surprised if your doctor prescribes you Floxin for something else, but not infection.

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