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Generic Griseofulvin

Medical description: Griseofulvin is a remedy, used for the cure of particular infections. It’s an antifungal drug. One can treat ringworm, scalp, nails and toes fungal infections, jock itch, athlete’s foot with it. It’s vital to talk with the doctor before taking the medicine. Follow all the suggestions and do not change anything in the prescription. Take the cure during the whole prescribed period, even when you notice some improvements in the symptoms. The infection would be totally cleared only if you are taking Griseofulvin during the whole length of period.

Synonyms: Nufulvin, Amudane, Biogrisin-fp, Curling factor, Delmofulvina, Fulcin, Fulvican grisactin, Fulvicin, Fulvina, Fulvinil, Fulvistatin, Fungivin, Greosin, Gresfeed, Gricin, Grifulin, Grifulvin, Gris-PEG, Griscofulvin, Grisefuline, Griseo, Grisetin, Grisofulvin, Grisovin, Grizeofulvin, Grysio, Guservin, Lamoryl, Likuden, Likunden, Murfulvin, Neocid, Poncyl, Spirofulvin, Sporostatin, Xuanjing

Generic Griseofulvin
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

What is Griseofulvin?

Griseofulvin is an antifungal cure, used for fighting particular infections, which are the cause of certain fungus. Griseofulvin is applied to cure the following health conditions:

- Jock itch
- scalp fungal infections
- Toenails fungal infections
- nails fungal infections
- Ringworm
- Athlete’s foot
The drug can also be applied for some other aims, not mentioned here.

Before Taking Griseofulvin

It’s not recommended to use Generic Griseofulvin if:

- problems with liver
- you are pregnant
- porphyria
To be sure the drug is beneficial and safe for you, mention the doctor about having:
- liver disease
- lupus
- about taking a blood thinner
- you are allergic to penicillin
It’s not advised to use the cure, if you are pregnant. It’s FDA pregnancy category X. It means that it can cause certain birth defects. If you are taking the remedy and find out about being pregnant tell your doctor about it at once. If you are on birth control pills, know that the cure can make them less effective.

Ask the doctor about possible use of some non hormonal birth control methods for preventing pregnancy while taking the drug. It’s not yet clearly understandable, whether the medicine can pass to breast milk or if it can be not beneficial for a nursing baby. If you breast-feed you should certainly tell this to the doctor. The remedy is not advised to be given for a child, who is younger than 2 or weight of which is less than 35 pounds.

How To Take?

When you order Generic Griseofulvin, you should stick to all those recommendations, written in the medication guide. Do not alter the amount or treatment period with the medication. If you have an oral suspension, shake it before usage. In order to measure a dose, it’s better applying a measuring spoon. Ask your pharmacist about it, if you don’t have it. You can make the swallowing of the drug easier by crushing the tablet and sprinkling the medication on a spoon with applesauce. Swallow everything without any chewing.

It’s not recommended to save this mixture for some later usage. Use the drug during the whole period, it was prescribed. Even when your symptoms disappear, the infection may not be cured totally in the organism. The therapy period can range from 7 weeks to several months. If you have any nail infections, it can be a couple of months before the signs would disappear completely. The cure is not used for the treatment of some fungal or bacterial infection.  It’s also not applied for flu or cold cure. If taking the drug for a long time, you may be suggested to make some additional tests by the doctor. Store Griseofulvin at room temperature and hide from any possible light, heat and moisture.

What If I Skip A Dose?

Do not worry, if you forget taking a dose. Have it, when you notice. If it’s already time for the next one, it’s better to skip the missed dosage. It’s not suggested to use extra drug to cover the missed doses. If you overdose the Griseofulvin, you should certainly contact with your doctor.

What To Avoid?

Before you buy Generic Griseofulvin, learn as much information about the drug as possible. It’s better to avoid any possible sun exposure. The cure can make you sunburn quite easily and quickly. You should better wear some protective sunscreen and clothing outdoors. It’s also not suggested to drink alcohol, while taking Griseofulvin. It may result in some undesirable side-effects. If you have any signs of allergic reaction, it’s better to call an emergency help. These include:

- swollen face, throat, tongue or face
- difficulties with breathing
- hives
It’s better contact the doctor, when you notice:
- chills
- fever
- mouth sores
- white patches in a mouth
- symptoms of flu
- nausea
- pain in the stomach
- loss of appetite
- jaundice
- clay-colored stool
- joint pain
- vomiting
- muscle aches
- pain in the chest
- eyes burning
- skin pain
- peels
- blisters
Common Side Effects
- nausea
- headache
- vomiting
- diarrhea
- itching
- rash
- feeling of tiredness
What Drugs Can Interact With Griseofulvin?

Many other medications can interact with Griseofulvin. These can be over-the-counter, prescription drugs, vitamins, herbal and dietary supplements. It’s very significant to tell the HCP about all the medications you are currently taken or have stopped recently using.

Pregnancy Warnings

According to FDA, Griseofulvin belongs to category C pregnancy medications. Some animal studies stated about teratogenicity and embryo toxicity. Still there is no any information concerning human pregnancy. But still, there exist some reports, which tell about congenital anomalies, which include the cases of conjoined twins in two females and enhanced risks of getting spontaneous abortion.

How to Store?

Keep the drug in the tightly closed container. Preserve at room temperature, away from any moist and heat. Keep away from the reach of children. Be attentive not to freeze it. Throw all the drugs, which are outdated. Ask the pharmacist about an adequate medicine disposal. Keep it in a box, which is accessible only for you. Sharing it with other people can lead to some negative consequences.

Additional Information

It’s recommended to visit regularly your doctor during the treatment with the medication. Your HCP will tell you doing some tests, in order to your see response on Griseofulvin. Be attentive and do not let somebody else to take your drug, because it can lead to undesirable consequences. If you have any questions concerning refilling of the prescription, ask your pharmacist. If your symptoms do not disappear after the whole treatment, it’s better to contact the doctor. It’s also good to make the list of all the drugs you are taking currently or have stopped recently. Include prescription, over-the-counter, herbs, vitamins and various supplements. Take this list each time, when visiting a doctor. Keep it with you in the case of some emergency case.

Griseofulvin is the drug, used for the cure of certain infections in the organism. The therapy period may range from several weeks to several months.


Generic Griseofulvin

Proper Use

It’s recommended to use the cure during the whole time of the treatment. Do not stop taking it, even there are some improvements and the symptoms disappear. To clear the infection completely, you should go through the whole therapy. The symptoms may reappear and lead to one more infection, if you stop taking the drug beforehand. Do not change the amounts of dose, stick to all the suggestions of the doctor. It’s beneficial to keep yourself clean in order to get the most of benefits from the treatment and avoid the reinfection.  When you buy Generic Griseofulvin, know that its absorption is the best when taken together with fat food. You may have it with ice-cream, milk or even cheeseburger. If your diet is low-fat, certainly tell your HCP. 

When To Take?

It’s recommended to take the cure with or after having meal, especially fat one. It will decrease possible complications with stomach upset and will help to clear the infection, absorbing the medication in a better way. If you have an oral liquid, it’s good to use a measuring spoon for it. Do not use a tablespoon; it may not always contain an exact dosage. As for tablets, you can swallow them whole or mix the crushed ones with a little bit of applesauce. Do not chew, but swallow immediately. 


The dose of Generic Griseofulvin will differ from patient to patient. It depends on your individual case and overall health condition. Doses, which are written in the Medication Guide, are average. Do not be surprised, if your doctor indicates a completely different amount of the drug. It’s not advised to change the a prescribed dose. The amount of the cure depends on its strength. A number of dosages and intervals between them are different from person to person. As for children, their doses much depend on the weight. 

Nails and feet fungus infections treatment: Adults and teens – 500 mg each 12 hours. Children -5 mg per 1 kilo each 12 hours. Skin, scalp and groin fungus infections treatment: Adults and teens – 250 mg every 12 hours or 500 mg a day. Children – 5 mg per 1 kilo each 12 hours. Fungus infection treatment (oral form) Adults – 375 mg a day, single dose can be divided into some smaller. Some are given a divided dose of 750 mg. Children (3 years and older, weight is over 60 pounds) – the dose depends on the weight. Usually it’s from 187.5 to 375 mg a day. Children (3 years and older, weight is from 35 to 60 pounds) – dose depends on body weight; usually it’s from 125 to 187.5 mg a day. Children (under 2 years) – the dose should be indicated and decided by the HCP.

Proper Storage

It’s recommended to keep the medication in a box or closed container. When you order Generic Griseofulvin, be attentive that nobody at home can get access to it. Hide the drug from any possible moisture, direct light or heat. Choose a dry and cool place for storage. Learn information about proper disposal of the cure.


Visit a doctor regularly during the whole length of period. He should check the therapy progress of you or your child. Mention the medications you are having at the current moment. Do not start taking something, without his agreement. If the symptoms are still the same, do not disappear or even become worse, it’s better to visit a doctor once more. The drug can cause some skin reactions. Noticing any acne, peeling, blisters or rash, contact the doctor. If there are some severe signs, such as pale stools, yellowing of the skin and eyes, loss of appetite it’s better cease taking the cure and ask your HCP for advice.

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