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Generic Grisovin FP

Medical description: Grisovin FP is a drug, which belongs to antifungal group. It resembles antibiotics, but is applied for the infections treating. One can cure versatile infections of the skin, hair, nails with it. Some other aims of treatment are possible, but not listed here. It’s recommended to take the drug during the whole prescribed period. Do not change doses or period of treatment. The medication is really very serious, so you should constantly discuss all the moments with the doctor. It’s vital to tell him about all the remedies you are currently taking to ensure safety of Grisovin FP.

Synonyms: Nufulvin, Amudane, Biogrisin-fp, Curling factor, Delmofulvina, Fulcin, Fulvican grisactin, Fulvicin, Fulvina, Fulvinil, Fulvistatin, Fungivin, Greosin, Gresfeed, Gricin, Grifulin, Grifulvin, Gris-PEG, Griscofulvin, Grisefuline, Griseo, Grisetin, Grisofulvin, Grisovin, Grizeofulvin, Grysio, Guservin, Lamoryl, Likuden, Likunden, Murfulvin, Neocid, Poncyl, Spirofulvin, Sporostatin, Xuanjing

Generic Grisovin FP
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

What is Grisovin FP?

Grisovin FP is an antifungal cure. It is similar to antibiotics, but is applied for the fungal infections treatment. The medication is applied for the following:

- skin fungal infections
- nails fungal infections
- hair fungal infections
- jock itch
- barber’s itch
- athlete’s foot
You may also apply the medication for some other aims, not mentioned here.

What Should I Know?

It’s advised to take the whole medication, indicated by the doctor, even when you considerably feel better. Your symptoms may improve, but the infection would be totally cleared only after the full length of treatment. Avoid spending too much time under the sun. The medication enhances your sensitivity to sun and can lead to severe sunburn.

What To Discuss With The Doctor?

You’ll not be indicated the remedy, if you have ever experienced some allergies to Generic Grisovin FP. If you have ever suffered or currently suffering from liver disease or porphyria, you’ll not be able to take the drug. According to FDA, the medication belongs to the pregnancy category C. It means that there is not yet concrete information, whether the drug would harm a fetus. In some rare cases, the drug usage was associated with conjoined twins. Being pregnant, you should discuss it with your doctor.

Do not start taking the drug without any consultations. There is not yet data, which would tell that Grisovin FP can pass into the breast milk. If you breast-feed you should also first talk with the doctor. He would tell if the drug is safe for you. The medication may even affect sperm and its production. Avoid any fathering of a child while being treated with it or during further 6 months after the therapy. The remedy comes in capsules, oral suspensions and oral tablets.

Side Effects

When you buy Generic Grisovin FP you should be aware of possible side effects. As any other medication it may result in additional signs:

- chills
- diarrhea
- fever
- muscle or joint pain
- irritated red eyes
- cough
- itching
- sore throat
- ulcers
- weakness
Less Common:
- enhanced skin sensitivity to sun
- hives
- rash
- mouth soreness
- cloudy urine
- black stools
- numbness
- difficult urination
- tingling
- breath shortness
- yellowing of the skin and eyes

Many of side effects aren’t serious and don’t require medical help and consultation. They may easily disappear during the treatment period, as your body adjusts to the drug and its effects on the organism. Talk with your doctor about possible safe ways of preventing a number of side-effects. If some of these signs are quite bothersome and do not disappear, consult with the doctor.

How to Take Grisovin FP?

It’s so vital to stick to all the directions of your HCP. If you are not sure in something, ask him again. It’s suggested to take every dose with a big glass of purified water. It’s possible that your doctor may even suggest you taking it with some kind of fatty food to enhance the absorption by the body. It’s significant to take all of the prescribed medicine during the whole therapy. Do not stop taking it, even if you feel quite better. The symptoms may start improving, but the infection would be cleared only after the full length of treatment. If you have suspension, shake it before measuring your dose. Use a dose-measuring spoon or it may be a cup, to ensure an exact dosage of the medication. Do not use a regular tablespoon for that. If there is no measuring tool, ask your pharmacist about it. 

How To Store?

It’s better to store suspensions, tablets and capsules at room temperature. Hide them from any possible heat and moisture. Keep it in a locked box, accessible only for you. Choose the place, far from the reach of the children. Pay attention that nobody else at home can take the drug, because it can result in undesirable consequences. 

What If I Miss A Dose?

It’s not scaring, if you have missed a dosage of the drug. Take it, when you notice. As for the next doses, take them with the same even intervals during the next days, until your doctor changes it. 

What If I Overdose?

You should be very attentive not to overdose the drug. If it happens, you’d better contact with the doctor or seek any possible emergency help. The overdose symptoms may include the following: 

- vomiting
- nausea
- numbness
- headache
- confusion
- tingling
- diarrhea

What To Avoid?

When you order Generic Grisovin FP, you should know some precautions connected with it. It’s advised to spend less time under the sun. The drug enhances your sensitivity to it, which can result in severe sunburn. It’s better to wear protective sunglasses and clothing, while having the drug. When the sun is unavoidable, these things are really necessary. Drinking alcohol during the therapy can result in a fast heart rate and flushing. That’s why it’s recommended to eliminate alcohol; consumption during this period. 

What Drugs Can Affect Grisovin FP?

Taking Grisovin FP may considerably eliminate the effects of the following medications:

- Oral anticoagulants (warfarin) – the decreased effectiveness of these drugs can result in blood clotting. That’s why it may be even necessary to enhance the dosage of anticoagulants.
- Birth control pills –a low effectiveness can result in unintended pregnancy and possible break-through bleeding. That’s why it’s better to discuss with your doctor some other methods of contraceptives.
- Salicylates (salsalate, aspirin), magnesium salicylate, choline salicylate and others. It may be even necessary to enhance the dosages of these drugs. 
- Cyclosporine- your doctor may suggest you adjusting the dose of this medication with Grisovin FP.
- Barbiturates – the effectiveness of Grisovin FP may be considerably decreased with these medications. That’s why your doctor may offer you larger doses of it.  This is not the whole list of the medications, which can interact with Grisovin FP. Ask your doctor for more details concerning this. 

Grisovin FP is an efficient medication, which is applied for treating a number of certain infections. It cures different nails, hair and skin infections.


Generic Grisovin FP

What is it used for?

The medication is used to cure various tinea nails and skin infections. These are infections, which do not respond in a good way to a number of topical medicines. Tinea is known to be a dermatophyte fungal infection, which includes the foot ringworm, known as Athletes’ foot, tinea corporis, jock itch or tinea capitis. The drug is not efficient against yeast fungi, such as candida. Using Generic Grisovin-FP will help preventing fungal infections spread and relieve the symptoms, connected with the condition.

How it works?

The medication contains griseofulvin, which is found to be an antifungal that is produced with the help of mould penicillium griseofulvin and applied to cure a number of dermatophyte fungus Tinea. The cure binds to the particles of tubulin and prevents from microtubule formations, which in response inhibits a normal mitosis. Griseofulvin has a great concentration on the skin, preventing from the fungus dividing, but not killing them totally. The division of the fungus leads to their spread in the whole organism. 

What does it contain?

When you buy Generic Grisovin-FP, it’s vital to know its ingredients. The most active one is griseofulvin, produced with the help of mould penicillium griseofulvin and used for treating Tinea infections. What Does It Treat?  The medication can be applied to treat various systemic fungal infections, which are the cause of dermatophyte fungus. One can treat the following: Athlete’s foot, tinea corporis, ringworm of the groin, tinea capitis.

Side effects

The most common side effects are the following: stomach upset, constipation, cramps in the stomach, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. More serious side effects: headache, tingling, dizziness, blurred vision, liver problems, menstrual problems.

When I should not use it?

When you order Generic Grisovin-FP, know about cases, when its use is not appropriate. Do not use the cure in the following cases:

- you have an allergy to griseofulvin or other ingredients 
- liver problems, including porphyria and hepatitis
- you are suffering from SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus)
- you like to spend much time outdoors in the sun, without any protection
- taking contraceptives (this medication may considerably decrease their effectiveness)
- consuming much alcohol (the interaction with the drug can lead to vomiting and nausea)
- you are taking sedatives or anticoagulants

Taking the drug

It’s advised to take the drug during the whole prescribed period. Do not stop the therapy, even if there are some signs of improvement. If you want to clear the infection completely, you should go through the whole length of treatment period; otherwise the infection may stay inside or lead to some other complications.

How should I store it?

You understand that the drug is really very effective and serious at the same time. It’s better to keep it away from everyone, especially children. Choose some box or container, which is tightly closed for storage. Find a dry cool place with the temperature below 25 ˚C.

What is the best way to take it?

It’s suggested to take the tablets with a glass of water, with fat meal. It’ll help absorbing the cure better and reducing any possible risks for irritation in the stomach.  Your dose may differ from what is written in the Medication Guide. In many cases, your doctor would define your individual dosage, which depends on your particular case and overall health condition. The period of treatment should be not longer than 18 months. You may take the cure once or twice per day, depending on your doctor’s prescription.

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