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Generic Ilosone

Medical description: Ilosone is a remedy, used to cure “strep” infections, Legionnaires’ disease and many other kinds of infections. It may be even prescribed to treat cases, not mentioned here. It’s even effective in treating flu and cold. The drug is available by the prescription. It’s often indicated for treating acne, relapsing fever, anthrax, lyme disease, actinomycosis etc. The cure can be prescribed for children and elderly people. It’s quite safe and has no considerable and serious side effects.

Synonyms: Erythormycing, Abboticin, Abomacetin, Ak-mycin, Aknin, Benzamycin, Bristamycin, Dotycin, Dumotrycin, E-Base, E-Glades, E-Mycin, E-Solve 2, Emgel, Eritrocina, Ermycin, Ery-Sol, Ery-Tab, Eryc, Erycen, Erycette, Erycin, Erycinum, Eryderm, Erygel, Erymax, Erypar, Erythra-Derm, Erythro, Erythrocin, Erythrogran, Erythroguent, Erythromast 36, Erythromid, Ethril 250, Ilocaps, Ilotycin, IndermRetcin, Kesso-Mycin, Mephamycin, Pantomicina, Pediamycin, Pfizer-e, Propiocine, Robimycin, Sans-Acne, Sansac, Serp-AFD, Staticin, Stiemycin, T-Stat, Taimoxin-F, Theramycin Z, Torlamicina, Wemid, Wyamycin

Generic Ilosone
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

What is Ilosone?

Ilosone belongs erythromycins. It is prescribed to cure versatile infections. These medications can also be applied for “strep” infections in those patients, who have a rheumatic heart disease history and may have allergy to penicillin. One can also use Ilosone for Legionnaires’ disease. Your doctor may prescribe the drug for some other purposes, not mentioned here. It’s even good for treating flu, cold, and other virus infections. Erythromycin is available by the prescription.

Additional Information

After being approved on the market, Generic Ilosone showed its usefulness in treating other medical issues, not mentioned in the guide. Your HCP may indicate you it, to cure the following:

- Actinomycosis
- Acne
- Lyme disease
- Relapsing fever
- Lymphogranuloma venereum
- Gastroparesis
- Chancroid
- Anthrax

Before Using

Before being prescribed Ilosone, you should certainly mention your HCP about having some allergies to this kind of medications. Tell about all possible allergies you are experiencing or have ever experienced. It can be connected with preservatives, food dyes, or even animals. It’s vital to read carefully all the ingredients on the label of non-prescription remedies. 

Pediatric Usage

When you buy Generic Ilosone, do not worry about its effects on children. The medication has been tested on them and high doses of it haven’t revealed any considerable side-effects. There were no problems with their health after taking the remedy.

Geriatric Usage

The cure has been tested on older people and it hasn’t reported about serious side-effects, which are different from young people, who take the drug. But at the same time, elder people have a greater risk of getting hearing loss, while taking high doses of medication. Those, suffering from liver or kidney problems are at a higher risk. 

Pregnancy Usage

A number of studies reveal that the cure has caused some side effects in particular women. At the same time, there were noticed any of birth defects or some other problems, connected with fetuses.

Breast Feeding Usage

Ilosone can pass to the milk of a breast-feeding mom, but it doesn’t lead to any intricate health issues, connected with a nursing baby.


It’s clearly understandable that certain cures should not be taken simultaneously, because it can result in unpleasant side effects. If you are taking some other drugs at the moment, tell your doctor and he may decide changing a dose of this or that medication. He would tell you about all the precautions. Mention him about all the dietary, herbal supplements, prescription and non-prescription drugs. 

Food Interactions

It’s vital to know that particular drugs can interact with food much. Some of them should be taken with or without any food, some during the time of having meal. Eating particular kind of food can lead to different interactions. Alcohol and tobacco consumption is not suggested during the therapy with the medication, because it can result in undesirable consequences. It’s vital to talk with HCP about all possible food interactions with the medication. 

Additional Medical Problems

If you experience certain medical conditions, it may affect the usage of this medication. When ordering Ilosone, you should tell your doctor about all the problems you are currently experiencing. Mention the following:

- problems with heart
- problems with liver
- loss of hearing

Proper Drug Usage

It’s advised to have the cure with a full glass of water. Take it on an empty stomach. In some cases, you can take it 1 hour before and 2 after your meal. If you have stomach upset, it’s better to have it with food. If you are unsure concerning something, ask your HCP. 

If you are indicated an oral liquid, you should take it with a mouth, even if it’s a dropper bottle. If it’s not a dropper bottle, apply a measuring spoon for an exact dosage. Do not use a tablespoon, because it doesn’t always contain a required amount. Throw away the cure after the expiration date. The effects of the drug may not be proper at this time. If you hesitate concerning something, ask your HCP. 

In a case of chewable tablet, chew it or crush before the swallowing. If you have a delayed-release capsule don’t crush or break it. If you don’t know what kind of capsule you are taking, ask the doctor. In order to clear the infection totally, you should take the medication during the whole prescribed period. Even if you feel considerably better, it’s not advised to stop the therapy.

If you suffer from a “strep” infection, the treatment length should not be less than 10 days. If the infection is not destroyed in the organism it can result in some complications with heart. If you stop taking it, the symptoms can appear again. The cure would work best in the organism, when its amount in the blood is constant. To ensure this, do not forget taking doses. Take the drug at even intervals during a day. If you are prescribed 4 doses, space them approximately 6 hours apart. If it’s not appropriate for your daily activities, consult with a doctor.


A dose will differ for every patient; it depends on the problem and individual organism and many other things. When you order Generic Ilosone carefully read its label. Try to follow all the suggestions of the doctor. The information on the label has an average data concerning the dose. Discuss your amount with the HCP. Do not worry, if your dosage is different from what is written on the label. Do not alter it, until your doctor indicates. A number of dosages, the intervals between them depend on the health problem. 


It’s vital to keep the remedy from the reach of children and any other people at home. Store it in a tightly closed box or container, away from possible moisture, light or heat.

Ilosone is an effective medication, indicated for treating various kinds of infections, including virus infections (flu and cold).


Generic Ilosone

Proper use

Ilosone medication contains Erythromycin – an antibiotic agent, which summons the antimicrobial actions and forces the 50S ribosomal receptive bacteria subdivision to inhibit protein synthesis. The drug can be highly bactericidal, if used in big concentrations.  One can use Generic Ilosone in the following cases: infections of the upper or lower respiratory tracts, acne, syphilis, pertusis, diphtheria, chlamydial infections, sexually transmitted diseases, skin infections. The medication can be prescribed for children, adults and elder people. Erythromycin is really efficient in decreasing the amount of various susceptible microorganisms in the body. You will notice the first positive results of the cure during the first days of treatment.


Ilosone Oral administration: Children: a dose depends on the weight. Infants (5-10 kg): 10 mg per 1 kilo each 6 hours. Children (10-25kg): 125 mg each 6 hours. Adults and children (25 kg and more): 250mg each 6 hours or 500 mg each 12 hours. If necessary, your doctor may increase a dose of the medication. The severity of the case and individual health condition of a patient may determine the amount of the cure. It’s recommended to find out which bacteriological culture became a cause of the current infection. It’s also good to estimate the general condition of the organism. You should not stop the therapy, if notice any positive results. To clear the infection totally from the body, one should go through the whole length of treatment. If you break this process, you may face with reinfection and other complications. 

Bacterial skin infection treatment

To treat a number of skin infections, you can buy Generic Ilosone, which is so effective in such a case. These infections appear because of harmful and bad bacteria under the skin. They spread swiftly and multiply the toxins in the organism. After this a person faces with inflammation, dermatitis, skin rash, swelling and other signs. There are many different bacteria, which can cause certain skin infections.

Some bacteria can get into the human body through various cuts, abrasions, eczemas, imperfections, wounds, dermatitis etc. In order to find out which microbe caused a certain disease, it’s necessary to make some tests in the lab. Your doctor may suggest making blood test, CRP test, skin lesion culture test and some others. If the infection is mild, no tests are required. If the case is serious, a patient would be indicated specific antibiotics.

Ilosone against acne

When you order Generic Ilosone, you should know that it’s very effective. It works really fast by killing inappropriate bacteria in the organism. It may also be applied to cure acne. Acne is really a big problem these days. The contemporary world has been making up a lot of products against it, but still it can’t be totally cured. Many males from 12 till 25 suffer from this skin problem. It usually appears, when the pores are found to be blocked with sebum or skin oil, produced by sebaceous glands.

When there is too much of sebum, it can’t find its way out of the skin, which is the cause of inflammation and red skin patches. Bacteria, found there can make a case more complicated, leading to inflamed areas.  Ilosone can be used to stop all those bacteria, which can cause acne. Additionally, it is good for acne spots clearing. It will also prevent you from getting further skin inflammation. Ilosone, indicated for acne treatment contains much of Erythromycin. Before starting any skin therapy, you should certainly discuss the problem with the doctor. The drug may have some side effects. 

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