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Generic Keflex

Medical description: Keflex is a cephalosporin antibiotic. It’s indicated to cure a number of infections, which are the cause of particular bacteria. These can be ear infections, urinary tract and skin infections and upper respiratory infections. Your doctor may even indicate the drug for some other purposes, not mentioned here. Certainly tell the doctor about all possible allergies to this type of antibiotics. Do not forget to tell about other health problems. It’s quite important for setting a proper dose and length of treatment.

Synonyms: Alcephin, Cepcid, Cephasun, Cepmax, Phexin Bd, Alexin, Biocef, Carnosporin, Cefadal, Cefadin, Cefalin, Cefax, Ceforal, Cefovit, Cepol, Ceporex, Durantel, Erocetin, Felexin, Fexin, Ibilex, Ibrexin, Kefolan, Lafarine, Larixin, Lenocef, Lopilexin, Madlexin, Mamlexin, Medoxine, Neolexina, Nufex, Oroxin, Palitrex, Sanaxin, Servispor, Sialexin, Tepaxin, Voxxim, Winlex, Zozarine

Generic Keflex
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

What Is Keflex?

Keflex is a drug, belonging to cephalosporin antibiotics. The cure struggles against certain bacteria in the organism. The cure is prescribed for treating versatile infections, caused by particular bacteria and include ear infections, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract and skin infections. It may be also indicated for some other aims, not mentioned here.

What Should I Know?

If you have any allergy to cephalexin, it’s not advised to take Generic Keflex.  If you are allergic to some similar antibiotics, the usage of the drug is also not suggested. Before using it, tell your HCP about all possible allergies of your organism. Certainly mention problems with liver, kidneys, intestines, stomach, diabetes, colitis. 

Antibiotic Resistance

It’s advised to take the cure during the whole prescribed period. Do not stop taking it or change the doses, if you feel better. The symptoms may improve, but the infection may not be cleared totally, which can result in undesirable consequences in future. The drug is not used to cure flu or cold. 

What To Discuss With The Doctor?

Before you buy Generic Keflex, it’s vital to talk with the doctor about a number of things. It’s not good to use it, if you have any allergies to antibiotics. Mention about liver or kidney diseases. If there are problems with stomach or intestines, it‘s also worth mentioning. If you have diabetes or malnourished, tell the doctor. All these conditions may require an individual dose of the medication and personal intervals between the dosages. 

You should know that an oral suspension of this drug contains some sugar, which can be not beneficial for those, suffering from diabetes. FDA defines the medication to category pregnancy B. It’s not harmful to a fetus. Being pregnant, you should certainly tell this to your HCP. Cephalexin can pass into the milk of a breastfeeding mom. It can even harm a little baby. If you breast-feed, mention about it. 

How To Take?

It’s advised to take the cure the way, prescribed by the doctor. Do not change its amounts and length of treatment, carefully read all the instructions on the label. Take the cure with a glass of water. If you have a dispersible tablet, you should dissolve it in the water. Then stir everything and drink at once. Add some more water to the glass, to ensure taking the whole dose. It’s not advised to chew or swallow this tablet.  Using an oral suspension, you should shake it carefully before measuring a dosage. Take a measuring cup or spoon for that. If there is any, ask the pharmacist to give you one. Do not use a table spoon for that.

It’s necessary to take the medication during the whole length of therapy. Even if you feel better, it doesn’t mean you can stop taking it or change the doses. The symptoms may improve, but the infection can still be in the organism, leading to further unpleasant consequences.  The cure can make the results of certain tests unusual. When visiting any other doctor, tell about being treated with Keflex. 


You should store the remedy at room temperature. Choose the place, which lacks any heat and moisture. Hide from possible sunlight. If you have a liquid medicine, store it in the fridge. If not used during 2 weeks, throw the drug away.

What If I Skip A Dose?

If you forget taking a dose, you can take it when notice. If it’s already time for the next dosage, do not take the missed one. Continue taking it as regularly. Do not take bigger amounts of the cure to cover the missed doses.

What If I Overdose?

In a case of overdose, you’d better contact with the doctor or seek emergency help. The symptoms of overdose:

- pain in the stomach
- diarrhea
- bloody urine
- vomiting
- nausea

What To Avoid?

All of the antibiotic drugs can lead to diarrhea, which can signify about some new infection in the organism. If your diarrhea is bloody or watery, you should certainly call the doctor. Do not start taking any other medications to stop diarrhea, without consulting. 

Side Effects

If you have any of the following side effects, call the doctor:

- hives
- breathing difficulties
- swollen face
- swollen lips
- swollen tongue
- swollen throat
- diarrhea
- seizures
- sore throat
- peeling
- skin rash
- yellowing of the skin
- weakness
- confusion
- vomiting
- dizziness
- pain in the joints
Many of these side effects are not quite serious and can easily disappear with time, when your organism adjusts to the drug. If you are interested in the full list of side effects, ask the doctor.


Before you order Generic Keflex and start taking it, mention your HCP about taking blood thinners (warfarin, metformin, probenecid). Mention about all the minerals, vitamins, and prescription and non-prescription drugs, while talking with the doctor. Do not buy some new medications, without doctor’s consultation. Be aware concerning this, because certain combinations of remedies can eliminate the effectiveness of the second. 

Pregnancy Warnings

Cephalexin can cross placenta. Several studies show the link between the medication and congenital defects. It is pregnancy category B, according to FDA. As for animal studies, they failed revealing evidences concerning teratogenicity and fetotoxicity. The controlled data in human pregnancy lack. In spite of this, the cure was prescribed for women with various pregnancy stages and there were no evidences of fetal harm. If the need for the drug is not fully and clearly established, it should not be given for those, who are pregnant. 

Breastfeeding Warnings

The cure can be excreted into the milk of a breast-feeding mom. Usually the excretion is small.  The adverse effects in a nursing baby are rarely observed. Other forms of cephalosporins are classified by the American Academy of Pediatrics as compatible with breast-feeding.

Keflex is quite an effective medication, applied for different infections, including ear, skin, urinary and upper respiratory infections.


Generic Keflex

Keflex belongs to cephalosporin antibiotics. The drug struggles with certain bacteria in the organism. It can be used in the following cases: infections of the upper respiratory tract, ear infections, skin infections, urinary tract infections. The cure may also be indicated for some other aims, not mentioned here.

Proper use

If you are allergic to such antibiotics or some of their ingredients, you’d better not start the treatment with Generic Keflex. Tell your HCP about all possible allergies, before starting the treatment. Mention about possible colitis, problems with intestines and diabetes etc. It’s suggested to take the cure during the whole prescribed period. Do not stop taking it, if there are some improvements. Such break of process can lead to reinfection and further complications. 

Usage and indications

The medication can be prescribed to treat the following: otitis media, skin structure infections, bone infections, genitourinary tract infections.


A dosage of the medication may differ from case to case. Your doctor will take into consideration your particular case, its severity and overall health condition. Be not surprised, if your medication dose is not mentioned in the Medication Guide.  A usual dose of the drug is 250 mg each 6 hours. It can also be 500 mg each 12 hours. The length of treatment ranges from 7 till 14 days. If the infection is too serious, the doctor may indicate some larger doses.

Pediatric Patients

It’s recommended to give children a dose from 25 to 50 mg per 1 kilo. The doses should be equally divided during the whole length of treatment. At least, one should go through 10 days therapy. If the infection is severe, a dose can be enhanced to 50 or even 100 mg per 1 kilo. To treat otitis media, it’s suggested to apply a dosage of 75 or even 100 mg per 1 kilo. 

Dosage Forms

Capsules of 250 mg: white-yellow powder is put into an opaque light or dark green capsule. There is an imprint Keflex 250 mg. It’s edible black ink on the dark green color. Capsules of 500 mg: white-yellow powder is put into an opaque dark or light green color capsule with Keflex 500 mg imprint. It’s edible black ink on the dark green color. Capsules of 750 mg: white-yellow powder is put into a dark or light green color capsule with Keflex 750 mg imprint. It’s edible black ink on the dark green color.


When you buy Generic Keflex, you should know about its possible interactions with other medications: metformin, probenecid, laboratory testing interactions.

Specific Populations

The medication is pregnancy category C. There is no yet concrete data and facts concerning the drug in pregnant women. It’s pretty clear that animal studies are not always predictable for humans. It’s suggested to use the cure during pregnancy, if benefits outweigh the risks. If you are taking the medication and find out about being pregnant, stop taking it and call the doctor.

As for nursing mothers, the drug can be excreted to milk. When you order Generic Keflex, you should be well aware about these moments. One should be very cautious while taking the drug and breast-feeding a baby. As for pediatric patients, the effectiveness and safety of the cure was revealed during a number of clinical studies.  As for geriatric use, it was noticed that Keflex is excreted well by the kidneys. It was also revealed that those suffering from impaired renal function are at a higher risk of facing with toxic reaction onto the medication. That’s why, one should be really very careful, when indicating the drug to elderly people.  Some studies haven’t shown any difference of the reaction between young and older people.

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