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Generic Levofloxacin

Medical description: Levofloxacin is an antibiotic, applied to cure certain infections in the organism. It kills all the sensitive bacteria. It’s necessary to tell the doctor about all possible health problems, before starting the treatment therapy. The medication is given in the form of an injection at hospital. You can also use it at home by yourself. To do this, make sure to know everything. Ask your HCP about things you hesitate. It’s necessary to learn about proper disposal of the drug at home. Hold it away from other people at home.

Synonyms: L-oxo, Leveg0, Levoflox, Levogo, Lvx Forte, Cravit, Elequine, Floxel, Iquix, Leroxacin, Lesacin, Mosardal, Nofaxin, Quixin, Reskuin, Tavanic, Volequin

Generic Levofloxacin
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

What Is Levofloxacin?

Levofloxacin is a quinolone kind of antibiotic. It kills all the sensitive bacteria in the organism. The drug is applied to cure plague and anthrax in some people. 

Do not use if:

- You are allergic to other quinolone antibiotics or its ingredients 
- Your heartbeat is of irregular type 
- You have experienced myasthenia gravis 
- You are currently on antiarrhythmics 

If you have some of the above mentioned characteristics, contact with the doctor.

Before Drug Using

There are many health issues, which can interact with Generic Levofloxacin. Mention the doctor about the following health conditions, before applying the therapy with the drug:

- being pregnant 
- you are currently on some over-the-counter or other prescription medications, herbal or dietary supplements 
- you are allergic to some drugs or meals  
If you have ever had: 
- persistent or severe diarrhea 
- skin sensitivity 
- high blood sugar or diabetes 
- potassium low levels 
- pain in the chest 
- heart failure 
- irregular heart beat 

It’s vital to tell the doctor about possible problems with stomach, nervous system, brains, enhanced brain pressure, myasthenia gravis, brain blood vessels, and seizures.  If you have ever faced problems with bones, joints and tendon, it’s also worth mentioning. Tell about kidney, liver diseases or any possible lung transplants. 


When you buy Generic Levofloxacin, it’s good to discuss with your HCP all the drugs you are currently taking. Some of them may considerably interact with the antibiotic. Tell about taking:

- antiarrhythmics 
- oral diabetes or insulin drugs 
- corticosteroids 
- Non steroidal anti
- inflammatory medications 
- anticoagulants 


It’s not the whole list of drugs, which can interact with Levofloxacin. For detailed information, ask your HCP. Check everything before starting the therapy with the drug.   

How To Use?

It’s suggested to use the medication as it was indicated by your HCP. Carefully read the information on the label, before taking the cure. You will find the Medication Guide together with each drug. It will help you to find out more about the cure. Read the label attentively each time you refill the bottle. 

It’s advised to drink much water during the treatment period. Stick to all the instructions, given by the doctor. Usually, the medication is given in the form of an injection in the hospital. If you want to use it at home, you should learn this process. You should certainly know how to deal with it. If you hesitate, ask the doctor for help.  If the remedy is discolored, cloudy or contains any particles, it’s better not using it.  

If it’s damaged or cracked, do not use it as well. The cure would work better, if applied at the same fixed time every day. If you want to clear the infection totally, you’d better go through the whole recommended period of treatment. Even if you notice the improvements, you should not stop the cure.  If you want to get the most of benefits from the antibiotic, you should not miss its doses. If it happens, take it when you notice. If it’s already high time for the next one, forget about a missed and continue your regular treatment regime. It’s not advised to take double doses to cover a missed one. If there are still some questions concerning drug usage, contact with your doctor.  


You’d better store the medication away from the reach of children and any other people at home. Keep the product and the syringes with the needles away from others. Do not reuse these things. Ask your doctor about proper disposal of the drug. 

Additional Important Information

When you order Generic Levofloxacin, know that it can lead to light-headedness or dizziness. The effects may be more complicated if you are taking alcohol or other specific medications. It’s better not to drive a car or perform other possible alert activities. Don’t do this until you understand your reaction on the medication. It’s common to experience some diarrhea, while taking such antibiotics. Severe forms of diarrhea are rarely observed. It may occur within the period of treatment or during further several months when you stop taking it.

If you have any stomach pain or cramps, it’s better contact with the doctor.  It’s also possible to face with nerve problems in hands, legs, arms and feet while taking the drug. These can appear soon after you start the therapy and may continue permanently. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s better call your HCP.  You should use the drug during the full length of treatment. It will ensure the disappearance of infection. In other case, it may return and lead to some more complications. If you stop taking the medication, those bacteria may become less sensitive to such cures in the future.  Using the drug for a long time, it can result in one more infection. If you notice any, tell the doctor.

Side Effects

As any other drugs, Levofloxacin may have some side effects. Most of them are not serious and can be tackled without any medical care. With time your body adjusts to the cure, and all these signs may disappear:

- weakness 
- skin yellowing 
- bruising 
- irritation 
- vaginal discharge 
- thirst 
- constipation 
- gases 
- nausea 

It’s recommended to drink much water during the treatment period. 


If you find out about pregnancy during the treatment period, it’s better to call the doctor. He will discuss with you all the benefits and disadvantages of the therapy. The drug can pass into the milk of a breast-feeding mom. That’s why it’s better not to breast-feed during the treatment period.   

General Information

If you hesitate and unsure about something, it’s better to contact the doctor. The drug is used by the prescription. It’s not advised to share it with someone else, even those symptoms are similar. Using the drug at home, you should learn about its proper disposal.

Levofloxacin is an effective antibiotic, used to cure versatile infections. It can be also prescribed for treating plague and anthrax in some cases.


Generic Levofloxacin

Why it is prescribed?

The medication is applied for various infections treating. One can take it in the following cases: pneumonia, bronchitis, skin infections, kidney infections, infections of urinary tract, sinus infections, prostate infections, anthrax. One can find Levofloxacin in the form of a tablet, oral solution, injection. It may also be used drops for eyes and ears.  Generic Levofloxacin belongs to fluoroquinolones medications. It kills bacteria, which are the cause of the current infection. This drug is not used to cure cold or flu.

Mechanism of action

This antibiotic is a broad-spectrum. It is beneficial against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. As all the quinolones, it inhibits the two type II topoisomerase enzymes: topoisomerase IV and DNA gyrase.The first one is so necessary to divide DNA, which replicated before bacterial cell division. If DNA is not separated, the process stops, and all the bacteria are not divided.  DNA gyrase is responsible for supercoiling tof DNA. It will get into the new formed cells. Both mecahmsims kill the bacteria, so Levofloxacin reminds a bactericide. 

Additional uses

Levofloxacin can be even prescribed for some other aims, not mentioned here. It is often indicated to cure the following: endocarditis, sexually-transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, traveler’s diarrhea, plague. Your HCP will tell you about other additional uses of this medication. 


FDA defines the drug to pregnancy category C. According to a number of animal studies, some adverse affects on the fetus were noticed during the treatment with Levofloxacin. There is no yet concrete data and facts concerning humans. It’s suggested to use the cure during pregnancy in a case, when benefits outweigh all the risks. The medication may also be excreted into the milk of a breast-feeding mom. 


If you decide to buy Generic Levofloxacin, it’s vital to pay attention to various risks, connected with the medication.  Tell your doctor about all possible allergic reactions on this kind of antibiotics. Mention all the prescription, over-the-counter products, vitamins and multiple herbal and dietary supplements, taken at the moment. 

Special dietary instructions

It’s advised to drink much water and other healthy fluids, while being treated with the cure. 

Common side effects: nausea, vomiting, heartburn, headache, pain in the stomach, constipation, diarrhea.

Storage and disposal

When you order Generic Levofloxacin, you should know how to keep it properly. You’d better get some closed container or box. Put it away from children. Make the box accessible only for you. Do not share the cure with other people, even though their symptoms seem the same. Choose a dry and cool place, which lacks moisture and light. If the drug is outdated, throw it away. Ask your HCP about proper drug disposal. 


The cure should not be prescribed for pediatric patients. In many countries it’s not approved to cure children with this kind of drug, except some particular cases, when there are some life-threatening infections. In US the Levofloxacin is allowed for the treatment of plague and anthrax in children older than 6 months. The medication is suggested by the Infectious Disease Society of America and the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society as a first-line medication to fight with pediatric pneumonia, which is caused by penicillin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae. As a second-line medication, it’s recommended for the penicillin-sensitive cases.

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