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Generic Myambutol

Medical description: Myambutol is an antibiotic medicine used exclusively for the treatment of tuberculosis in adults. It is used as a part of the combination therapy with other antituberculosis drugs such as Isoniazid, Rifampicin, and others. Myambutol is a brand name under which a medicine with the active substance called Ethambutol is marketed in the USA. In other countries the medicine can be called differently. Such medicines are known online as Generic Myambutol. The length of the treatment course and dosage per day is calculated individually considering whether it is an initial treatment or retreatment.

Synonyms: Aethambutolum, Dadibutol, Diambutol, Etibi, Themibutal, Tibitol, Tibutol

Generic Myambutol
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Consult your helth care professional before using any drug.

Medication guide:

Myambutol is the medicine primarily used in combination therapy for tuberculosis. It is called a chemotherapeutic agent or antibiotic drug. The medicine is effective against mycobacterium known to cause tuberculosis. The medicine is never used individually. The drugs for simultaneous treatment of mycobacterium are chosen according to the patient’s history, susceptibility study, and assessment of positive effects over negative impact to the body. Common choices for combined therapy include Rifampicin, Isoniazid, and Pyrazinamide. The medicine is effective against mycobacterium tuberculosis (including strains resistant to streptomycin, Kanamycin, Isoniazid, Ethionamide, and others) as well as a range of atypical mycobacterium such as M.avium, M.kansasii, and M.xenopi.

The medicine is included in the List of Essential Medicines by World Health Organization. In the United States the medicine is sold under the names Myambutol and Servambutol. In other countries the medicine can be found under different names some of which are similar to the main active substance of the medicine name, Ethambutol. The doctors commonly abbreviate the drug name as EMB or E.

Safety of Myambutol

The information on the safety of the medicine differs among some countries. For example, in the United States, the medicine is considered potentially harmful for vision and liver. Due to this fact, the medicine is attributed pregnancy category C meaning that the tests in animals had caused adverse reactions affecting the fetus while on human fetus the impact is still not fully studied. However, potential positive effect in the treatment of tuberculosis is considered higher than the risk of harming fetus. In Australia, Myambutol is attributed pregnancy category A meaning that there is no evidence that the medicine is harmful during first three trimesters (fetus formation period) and later on during pregnancy. In both countries, however, the healthcare authorities allow to use the medicine in breastfeeding if the illness requires continuation of the treatment.

Before starting the treatment with Myambutol, you should tell your doctor about all conditions that you currently have or had and the medicines used lately, use or plan to use at the same time with the antituberculosis therapy.

Myambutol - Mechanism of action

Myambutol destroys mycobacterium preventing the formation of cell walls through the disruption of arabinogalactan synthesis. The synthesis is disrupted through the inhibition of the enzyme called arabinosyl transferase making the cell wall more penetrable for the bacteriostatic medicines.

Side effects of Myambutol

Myambutol is a potent medicine that can be potentially harmful if severe side effects occur. Mild side effects common for almost all antibacterial drugs include nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, etc. More serious side effects include: arthralgia (joint pain), peripheral neuropathy, liver toxicity, hyperuricaemia, optic neuritis, red-green color blindness or other vision-related problems, vertical nystagmus, and others.

Remember, in occurrence of any discomfort during the treatment with Myambutol, seek immediate medical assistance. If you are allergic to the medicine, the doctor will either replace the medicine or prescribe antihistamines in order to minimize the discomfort and harm to your body.

Pharmacokinetics of Myambutol

The medicine is almost fully absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and evenly distributed among body tissues and fluids. It is excreted primarily in urine. 50 percents are excreted unchanged.

Contraindications for Myambutol use

As well as other medicines, Myambutol is strictly contraindicated in allergy to its main ingredient or any other additional substances contained in the pills. The medicine is also contraindicated to people with sight problems including cataracts or any other undiagnosed conditions that affect your vision. Prior to the treatment with Myambutol, you need to undergo tests to check your vision to be sure that the medicine will not worsen the condition as it is known that one of its most dangerous side effects is related to vision deterioration.

People with kidney problems, diabetes and gout are contraindicated to use the medicine. Myambutol is not used for the treatment of tuberculosis in children under six years of age as it may cause optic neuritis.

Interactions of Myambutol with other drugs

All medicines to greater or lesser extent interact with other medicines. Negative interactions may reduce the effect of the medicines you use or severely damage your systems or organs. For this reason Myambutol is not advised to be used with Leflunomide, Juxtapid (lomitapide), Kynamro (mipomersen), teriflunomide, Aubagio (teriflunomide), and other medicines providing potent impact to the liver and their analogs as the combination of these medicines may seriously harm liver. Myambutol should not be used with BCG (treatment for some types of bladder cancers) as it may interfere with its antitumor effects.

The combination of Myambutol with Sabril (vigabatrin) or its analogs especially for a prolonged period of time can increase the risk of vision loss.

Dosages of Myambutol

The treatment of tuberculosis with Myambutol differs according to whether it is an initial treatment or retreatment. The first-time treatment with Myambutol implies the use of 15 mg per kilogram of the patient’s body weight or 7 mg/lb taken once in 24 hours. It can be taken at the same time with the Isoniazid single daily dose.
Patients with previous history of tuberculosis treatment are administered 25 mg of Myambutol per kilogram of the body weight or 11 mg/lb once in 24 hours. The intake can be combined with a single daily dose of other antituberculous drug effective in particular case and patient. The dosage of Myambutol in retreatment is decreased to15 mg per kilogram of body weight or 7 mg/lb taken once in 24 hours after the course of 60 days.
Due to potential risk to vision, it is advised to schedule monthly vision examinations during the treatment period when 25 mg/kg or 11 mg/lb are administered daily.

Myambutol is the medicine primarily used in combination therapy for tuberculosis. It is called a chemotherapeutic agent or antibiotic drug.


Generic Myambutol

Generic Myambutol is a generic name for the medicine based on Ethambutol and marketed in the United States as Myambutol. The drug is used all over the world to treat tuberculosis caused by mycobacterium. Generic Myambutol is a name used by online pharmacies in order to facilitate patients’ search as in fact, the medicine is marketed under the hundreds of names in each country.

The treatment of tuberculosis is never limited to one medicine. If you are looking for Generic Myambutol, probably you already have a list of the drugs you need on your hands.

Whether it is an initial treatment or retreatment, the course is quite expensive considering the number of medicines you have to take and the frequent examinations you have to undergo. The best way to save and benefit the positive treatment effect is to buy all of the medicines you are prescribed to use in generic versions including Generic Myambutol.

Why Generic Myambutol?

Generic Myambutol is included in the World Health Organization List of Essential Medicines. It is the medicine approved worldwide for the treatment of various severity tuberculosis. Though the medicine may provide certain side effects, its great effect in the elimination of pathogens overshadows them. The medicine is even approved for the use in pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, regulations differ from country to country. For example, in the United States it is not advised to use the drug during pregnancy while during breastfeeding it is considered acceptable while in Australia the drug is considered safe in both cases. The main problem that concerns the doctors and patients is that Generic Myambutol may deteriorate vision. Namely due to this possible side effect the medicine is not advised to be used in children. Though, its negative effects can be avoided if you take the drug following strict instructions, do not combine it with the incompatible medicines and frequently check your vision.

Now, let’s figure out why is Generic Myambutol better than the brand Myambutol. The certain advantages of Generic Myambutol are that the medicine can be bought without a prescription and at a significantly lower cost due to fewer operational expenses of foreign pharmaceutical companies and online pharmacies. Of course, the use of such a potent drug as Myambutol for the treatment of tuberculosis which obviously cannot be treated without a doctor should not be unsupervised. The advantage of buying the drug without a prescription is that you can buy the medicine to continue the treatment course even when your prescription expired so you don’t need to spend money on visits to your doctor.

Moreover, the medicine is sold without a prescription in those countries where the online drugstores are situated which is great because otherwise you would need to translate or even notarize your prescriptions in order to buy the cheaper version of the drug you need.

Remember, safety first

Before buying Generic Myambutol online, you need to be sure that the drug is what you really need and that it is not contraindicated to you. Consult your doctor, tell him about all other illnesses or allergies you have and the drugs you use. Make sure to remember the recommended dosage correctly as different countries may release the drug in other dosages per pill so you have to check it by yourself before buying Generic Myambutol pills. If the dosage doesn’t correspond, look for another generic, the splitting of the pill to reduce the dose isn’t the best idea so you better look for the tablets with the dosage prescribed or recommended to you by your doctor.

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