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Buy Trimethoprim – proof that cheap isn’t bad

Dec 09 / 2021

Antibiotic medicines currently are the only known way to treat infections of any etiology. There are thousands of antibiotics on the international market, but in fact, they are practically all the same. In reality, there are only several hundreds of different antibiotic drugs. Those thousands are absolutely identical to them except for their names and prices. Pharmaceutical companies cannot use the names for their medicines that are already in use by the other company, thus, the occurrence of this insane number of names for the same antibiotics and other medicines. Naturally, people cannot remember all the names and know what medicine they need to buy so the most sly pharmaceutical companies advertise their drugs through TV commercials and reward doctors for the prescriptions of namely their brand drugs so to people start to believe that these medicines are the best ones. This smart promotion makes us pay twice or even more for the drugs that we can buy much cheaper. Worth noting though that in the United States it seems not so easy – to buy an antibiotic drug you need a prescription. Otherwise, the pharmacists are going to refuse your order. In other countries, not all, but some of them, antibiotic medicines can be purchased without a prescription. But how can you benefit from it? Read further to know more.

How to buy Trimethoprim or any other prescription drug without a prescription?

Buying a medicine without a prescription already saves your money because you do not spend them on the visits to a doctor. But you can additionally save if you opt for so-called generic drugs. As we have already mentioned, there are only hundred of the medicines on the market; in fact, the thousands available differ only in the name and price. So why would you pay more if you can buy Trimethoprim or any other medicine you need much cheaper simply because it is made by the other company? These drugs made by the other companies than those widely advertised are called generics. It is not a registered name but rather a common name used among savvy customers who know how to find good quality products at adequate prices. These customers buy Trimethoprim and other medicines they need online.

You can buy the drugs online even if you are a resident of the USA without a prescription from your doctor or with an expired prescription and still be sure that you are not breaking the law.

How to buy Trimethoprim and use it safely?

First of all, find a reliable online drugstore. The best way to do so is to use the link from our website to the pharmacy we are working with. Secondly, we strongly advise you to consult a licensed medical practitioner to be sure that the medicine you plan to buy is really what you need and that it is not contraindicated to you. If for some reasons you cannot do so, at least read the instructions carefully and follow them strictly as well as the dosages prescribed.

The general treatment course of uncomplicated genitourinary tract infections in adults suggests the use of Trimethoprim 0.04-0.06 grams orally once a day. The maximum daily dose must not exceed 0.1 gram. The usual treatment course length is 10 days.

The prophylaxis of cystitis in adults requires the six weeks to six months treatment course during which Trimethoprim is taken orally, at least one hour after the last meal in the dosage of 0.1 grams.
Patients with HIV and AIDS need to take 0.015 grams per kilogram of body weight orally in three intakes during the day for the 21-day- treatment-course in order to prevent pneumonia development. However, such cases require strict medical supervision.

People with kidney problems need to take the dosage of the medicine reduced in half. In hepatic failure, the medicine is strictly contraindicated.

Children older than one year can be administered the medicine but only under a doctor’s supervision. The usual dosage is from 2 to 3 mcg of Trimethoprim per kilogram of the body weight once a day. Children are usually administered suspension specifically prepared for them from a special powder.

Why would anyone pay more if they can buy Trimethoprim or any other medicine they need much cheaper online simply because it is made by another company?


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