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Buy Zithromax online without prescription

Nov 01 / 2022

One of the biggest problems of American health care system is that all medications are highly overpriced. Unfortunately, the government doesn’t regulate the prices set by the pharmaceutical companies. In fact, it even indirectly encourages them to raise the prices through unnecessarily strict regulation that result in incredible spending which can be afforded by the companies only if they would sell their medicines several times more expensive than the previous year each year.

According to the publically available statistics, since 2004 the prices for many medicines in the U.S. increased dramatically. For example, some medicines now cost 50 times more than they did only 10 years ago. Naturally, not everyone can afford such expensive drugs. Add here also the cost of visits to your doctor for prescriptions as the majority of essential drugs are sold with a prescription only.

Fortunately, today you can buy Zithromax online without prescription as well as other rx-only drugs in just a couple of clicks.

How is this possible that you can buy the same drugs cheaper and without a prescription?

First of all, not in all countries medicines are as overpriced as in the U.S. Naturally, all people are susceptible to the same diseases and bacterial infections so there is no reason why in other countries would be used different drugs. This is why if you choose to buy an antibiotic in another country, you will receive the same drug as if you would buy it from your local drugstore. When you buy medications online from the drugstores situated abroad, you technically buy them in another country.

As for the possibility to buy Zithromax online without prescription though it is a prescription drug in the U.S., it is a thing because in other countries antibiotics are sold over-the-counter.

What drugs do you receive if you buy them online?

When you opt for an online pharmacy situated abroad, you can enjoy a greatly lower price for the same effect. However, the majority of online drugstores sell generics. So what are these generics? Are they different from the brand-name drugs? They are not, at least in regard of the effect, harmlessness, and quality. Thousands of pharmaceutical companies around the world make the same drugs because there is always a demand for cheaper drugs. They find ways to reduce the production costs without compromising the quality of meds, do not spend money on advertising and lobbying of their medications in the U.S. All this makes these drugs less expensive. Moreover, manufacturers of generics do not develop their own medications. They take the formulas developed by the other companies and make the same drugs.

You may think that it sounds like generics are counterfeit medications but they are absolutely not. First of all, generic medications that comply with the international standards and norms are approved and even promoted by the World Health Organization. Secondly, even American drugstores sell generics. Thirdly, for some medications the government even obliges the brand-name medication makers to share their formula with the generics makers in order to allow more people receive appropriate treatment at a lower price when the brand-name medication price is greatly above the average price of medications for this disease or disorder.

When we offer you to buy Zithromax online without prescription, we do offer you a generic medication. But you can be sure that you will receive the medication identical to the brand-name medication in effect, quality, and harmlessness so there is no point of paying more money for the same pills.

Today you can buy Zithromax online without prescription as well as other rx-only drugs in just a couple of clicks.


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