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Difference between Generic Vantin and brand drug

Nov 26 / 2021

The first version of the drug sold at your local pharmacies as Vantin was first discovered and synthesized seventy years ago. The active substance was found in a fungus called Acremonium or Cephalosporium. The class of the medicines derived from the discovery was named in honor of this drug – Cephalosporins. Currently, the medicine is sold in the UK as Cefpodoxime or Cefpodoxime Proxetil. Why do we tell you this? Because it is a great example of how the same medicine can be marketed under the different brand names in different countries or even in the same country if manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies. As you can see according to the name, Vantin was not discovered in the United States. Otherwise, it would not be called Vantin but rather somehow similarly to the name of its active substance. Therefore, we can say that the expensive medicine you can buy as Vantin at your local pharmacies is an analog of the original medicine. However, American pharmaceutical monopolists promote the idea that only their medicines are authentic and effective, but others are their cheaper copies. You can make your own conclusions based on this information. If your conclusion is that the name of the drug does not matter, you can read further and know how to find an effective drug at an affordable price and without a prescription.

Generic Vantin – what does the name mean?

As we have already said, the same antibiotic known in the U.S. as Vantin can be called absolutely differently depending on the manufacturer. Knowing this but also taking into account that the U.S. citizens are most likely unfamiliar with the other trademarks used for the medicine, online pharmacies came up with the name Generic Vantin in order to promote their medicines online and lead their customers to the products that they need without additional research. Opting to buy the antibiotic online, most likely you will be offered to buy it as Generic Vantin - identical to Vantin antibiotics simply made by other pharmaceutical companies who set lower prices for the same ingredients and dosages. As for the optional prescription, this rule is based on the fact that most online pharmacies are situated in the countries with the legislation allowing selling antibacterial drugs without a doctor’s prescription. Knowing this basic information about the online purchase of the drug you need, you can rest assured that buying Generic Vantin you do not break the local law and buy the qualitative medicine that you need.

Safety tips when using Generic Vantin

Even though it is very convenient to buy Generic Vantin without going to your doctor first, you need not to neglect basic safety recommendations:

- First of all, carefully read the instruction and make sure that the medicine is not contraindicated to you.
- Read the list of the medicines incompatible with Generic Vantin. If you use any of them currently, do not start using the antibiotic.
- Do not take the “general recommended dosage”. Make sure to be responsible and find recommendations for the certain infectious process that you have. The dosages and treatment course lengths greatly vary so in order to have an effective treatment you have to be attentive and responsible.
- Never overdose or interrupt and resume the course. Overdose or interruption of the course may lead to serious damage to your health and development of resistance in the bacteria. If you stopped the course because of adverse reactions, seek medical assistance.
- If after the treatment course the infection is still there, seek medical assistance and make the required checkup. Probably, you have bacteria which are not susceptible to the active substance of the drug.

It is convenient to buy Generic Vantin without going to your doctor for a prescription first, but you need not to neglect basic safety recommendations.


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