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Generic Azithromycin – effective cure can be cheap

Jan 13 / 2022

Treatment of even the mildest infection of the respiratory tract can be beyond some people’s budgets. Not only the prices for antibiotics are ridiculously high in the United States, you also need a prescription in order to obtain it, meaning that you also have to pay to a doctor for a simple piece of paper with a signature. Spending several hundreds of dollars to treat running nose or sore throat doesn’t seem reasonable, especially when you have an alternative. The best alternative is to buy the drug you need online. Opting for an online purchase of an antibiotic, you virtually buy the drug in another country where a prescription is not necessary. Moreover, if you opt for a generic version, for example, Generic Azithromycin, you also pay twice less for the same drug.

How is Generic Azithromycin different from Azithromycin?

Buying the drugs online, you need to know that if you choose wisely, you do not compromise the quality of the drug and the treatment. Generic medicines are absolutely identical to those sold in the USA. They are called generics because they are not registered in your country. Nevertheless, they are used and registered in other countries. Naturally, they cannot be registered under the same names so there are hundreds of different names for the same drug. Fortunately, you do not need to make any research in order to find the name of the drug you need. Looking for Generic Azithromycin online you will get hundreds of results. Generic Azithromycin is a name used by online pharmacies to let you easier find the antibiotic you need.

Why is it cheaper? First of all, the medicine’s components are not that expensive. In the USA, the government regulations, prices for materials and advertising, and the whole healthcare system are quite expensive. Naturally, pharmaceutical companies have to add a lot to the initial cost of the medicine to have the revenue they planned for. In other countries, these expenditure items are less significant so the manufacturers are able to sell their drugs cheaper. You cannot find Generic Azithromycin in the USA as registered pharmaceutical companies have already monopolized the market and won’t allow newcomers with cheaper products. But you can buy the same drugs online and have an effective and cheap treatment without following the broken system rules.

How to take Generic Azithromycin?

Generic Azithromycin should be taken absolutely the same way as the brand drug. Of course, before using it you need to be sure that the drug is not contraindicated to you, you do not take the medicines it interacts negatively with, and check the dosage per pill of the medicine you buy. Be careful administering the drug to kids. Though the medicine is not contraindicated to them, it’s still preferable to lead the treatment course under a pediatrician’s supervision. Read further to know the general dosages recommended for kids and adults for various diseases.

For the therapy of adults with acute genitourinary tract infections a single dosage of Generic Azithromycin of 1 gram is used.

Skin and soft tissue infections, as well as respiratory tract infections, can be treated with a three-day treatment course with a daily intake on 1 g of Generic Azithromycin or 0,5 g in the first day and 0,25 for the following 4 days (five-day treatment course).

Generic Azithromycin can be used for the initial stage of Lyme disease as follows: 1 g in the first day of the treatment and 0,5 grams daily from the second to fifth days of treatment.

General dosage recommendations for children are the following: 10 mg per kilogram of body weight in the first day of the treatment course and 5 mg per kilogram of body weight for the subsequent four days of the treatment course. A short treatment course of three days implies the administration of 10 mg/kg of body weight daily for three days. Children are administered suspension made from Generic Azithromycin in powder form.

The only way to treat any infection is to use an antibiotic. Buy Generic Azithromycin online to get an effective and cheap treatment of your infection.


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