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Generic Roxithromycin cheap solution to infection

Jan 21 / 2022

Most people think that generic medicines are inferior to brand drugs recommended by doctors. Fortunately for millions of people who use generic medicines around the world, it is not quite true. Brand drugs in your country can be considered generics if they are not registered there and vice versa. For example, an antibiotic drug sold in the United States of America as Roxithromycin was first synthesized in Germany where it is still successfully used under a different trade name. Other countries have their names for this antibiotic, but if you want to buy them in the USA, you need to look for Generic Roxithromycin. This common name is used by online pharmacies to let you find the drug you need easier, without learning all possible names of the medicine registered in all the countries it is used. Naturally, the same antibiotic used in all countries since all people have the same infections regardless of their place of living or citizenship. Therefore, you can buy Generic Roxithromycin and rest assured that you receive the drug you were looking for.

Why buying Generic Roxithromycin is better than the brand drug?

First of all, in the United States, all antibiotics are sold with a prescription only. Online you can buy the same drugs without a prescription. It is legal since in the countries where the online pharmacies are located these drugs are available without a prescription.

Secondly, all medicines in your country without an exception are priced much higher than the same drugs in other countries. Accordingly, if you buy Generic Roxithromycin, which is a cheaper version of the antibiotic registered in the USA simply manufactured in another country, you buy the same drug but greatly cheaper while getting the same quality and effect.

How to use Generic Roxithromycin?

The medicines you are offered to buy as Generic Roxithromycin are absolutely identical to the drug you can find at your local drugstores. Thus, the dosages, as well as indications and contraindications for its use, are absolutely the same.

The general daily dosage for adults is 300 mg of the medicine taken either in two intakes, one in the morning and one in the evening or in a single intake of 300 mg in the morning or in the evening. The pills should be taken with a full glass of water, without chewing, before meal. People with liver dysfunction need a reduced daily dosage of Generic Roxithromycin – 150 mg daily either in one or two intakes.

Though the dosages are the same for all diseases treated with the medicine, the lengths of the courses vary. For example, the treatment course for the respiratory tract infection is from 5 to 12 days. For Chlamydia or Mycoplasma pneumonia, the treatment course is 15 days. Pneumonia induced by Legionella is treated for 21 days. Chronic osteomyelitis is treated with 2,5 months intake of the drug.

Children are administered oral suspension of the antibiotic. The dosage for children is calculated based on the body weight. Usually, it is from 5 to 8 mg of suspension per kilogram (or 2,2 lbs) of the body weight daily. The medicine can be administered only to kids with a body weight over 40 kilograms (88 lbs). It is not recommended to treat children with Roxithromycin or Generic Roxithromycin for more than 10 days.


Before buying and taking Generic Roxithromycin, make sure to read a complete instruction on the medicine use, indications, contraindications, and adverse reactions. If you buy the drug without a prescription, you are solely responsible for the harm it may cause to your health, so you have to be responsible and careful.

Treating infection with Generic Roxithromycin you will get the same results as with a brand drug, but greatly cheaper.


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