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Generic Roxithromycin is better than brand drug

Jan 21 / 2022

Many people think that generic medicines are cheaper, thus, inferior versions of the brand drugs, which is not quite true. This belief is imposed by the U.S. government and pharmaceutical companies who monopolized the market. Spending billions of dollars to register and promote their brand drugs in the USA, naturally, they do not want any competitors with lower prices to be present. But what is more important for you as a patient? Of course, quality and effectiveness of the drug rather than its widely-advertised brand name. Unfortunately, you cannot buy cheaper versions of the brand drugs at your local drugstores. But you can opt for Generic Roxithromycin online buy if you need a broad-spectrum antibiotic drug or any other generic medicine you need.

What is the difference between the brand drug and Generic Roxithromycin?

According to the definition of generics, they are the medicines identical to the brand drugs sold under a different trade name than registered by the first inventor of the drug or under International Nonproprietary Name. If the medicine is sold under International Nonproprietary Name, it means that it is named identically to its active substance while the name of the active substance is recommended by the World Health Organization. Generics are manufactured either if the patent for the exclusive production of the brand drug has already expired or if the agreement approved by World Health Organization stipulates that even the patented drug due to its vital properties has to be accessible to all and can be manufactured by the third parties.

Interestingly, since generics are commonly identical to the brand drugs, including Generic Roxithromycin, World Health Organization even included their distribution and substitution of brand drugs with generics in their main strategy.

Now, when you know that the WHO approves generics and strives to make them replace the overpriced drugs, do you still have any doubts in the effectiveness of Generic Roxithromycin? You can certainly say that this medicine is superior to the brand one considering that it is more affordable while being as effective and safe as its expensive analog.

Buying Generic Roxithromycin online, remember these safety tips

Now when you know that you can safely buy the generic version of the drug you need, make sure to protect yourself from common mistakes:

- Before using Generic Roxithromycin, make sure that it is not contraindicated to you and that it is suitable for your infection.
- Opt for reliable online drugstores only. Use the link from our website or do a little research and find out on online forums which foreign online pharmacies the U.S. customers prefer.
- Even if you order the drug from are reliable seller, make sure to check the dosage of the active substance per pill offered, expiry date, and the manufacturer of the drug.
- Do not order too many pills of Generic Roxithromycin at once. First of all, you need to check if you are not allergic to the drug. Secondly, if you order big amount of the pills, customs authorities may think that you buy them to resell.
- If you buy the drug without a prescription on your hands, make sure to read the instruction carefully and strictly follow the recommended dosage, avoid incompatible medicines use, and be attentive to the side effects as you may need medical assistance in coping with some of them. If you have a recommendation on the dosage from your doctor, follow his dosage regimen regardless of what the instruction says. In this case, your doctor is probably taking into account your individual features not taken into account in general recommendations for the drug use.

Taking into account that Generic Roxithromycin is absolutely identical to the brand drug, but is several times cheaper, obviously, it is better.


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