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Generic Roxithromycin – worth it or not

Jan 21 / 2022

Since you are on this web page, we assume that you are thinking about buying Generic Roxithromycin. There are a lot of misconceptions about generic medicines in society. It is no surprise that most people believe generics are inferior medicines since government and media tell us that only brand drugs are effective and safe. But what are generics, do they actually know? Let’s figure out for ourselves so we can teach others the benefits of generics including Generic Roxithromycin.

Is Generic Roxithromycin worse than the brand drug?

Generics are the medicines sold under International Nonproprietary Name or trade name different from the brand name registered by the developer of the drug. International Nonproprietary Name means the unique name of the active ingredient of the drug recommended by the World Health Organization meaning that the drugs marketed as generics are approved by the WHO. After the entry into force of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) in 1994, the name “generic” is added to the brand name of the medicines the term of patent protection for which active substance has expired or patented drugs are issued under a compulsory license. The compulsory license transfers the right to use the invention to third parties or organizations without the consent of the right holder. Commonly, generics, including Generic Roxithromycin offered by online pharmacies, do not differ in efficacy from the “original” drugs but are much cheaper. The World Health Organization greatly supports the manufacturing of generics, their use and substitution of the brand drugs with the generics as one of the strategic goals on the way to the higher accessibility of vital medicines among all people.

Knowing this truth about generics, we can certainly say that Generic Roxithromycin is absolutely not inferior to the brand drug. In fact, it is even better than the brand drug since it is more affordable.

How to buy Generic Roxithromycin?

In the USA, you cannot simply go to the nearby drugstore and buy Generic Roxithromycin. First of all, in order to buy an antibiotic, you need a prescription. Secondly, major pharmaceutical companies have already monopolized the market and won’t allow selling cheaper medicines in the country. Fortunately, you can order Generic Roxithromycin online.

To do so, you can use the link to a reliable pharmacy from our website. Make sure, however, that the drug is not contraindicated to you and that it can be used to treat the infection you need. For example, you can safely use the drug for sinusitis, bronchitis or tonsillitis treatment, but you cannot use it in pneumonia even though the drug is used for its therapy.

Pneumonia can be caused by absolutely different pathogens that require different lengths of the treatment course. Therefore, you need to undergo tests and consult your doctor first before buying Generic Roxithromycin.

When buying Generic Roxithromycin, remember, your health is your responsibility. First of all, carefully read the instruction. Secondly, check the dosage per pill as it may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Thirdly, in order to have an effective treatment and avoid negative impact on your body, you have to strictly follow the dosage regime recommendations, never skip the dosages and seek medical assistance if you experience any severe side effects. If insignificant side effects listed in the instruction are mildly pronounced, you can continue the treatment, but make sure to note any changes in your state timely.

Generic Roxithromycin is a perfect option instead of the brand drug since it provides the same effect but is several times cheaper at our online drugstore.


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