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Generic Sumycin – effective infection treatment

Feb 02 / 2022

Contrary to the popular belief, effective treatment isn’t necessarily expensive. Of course, there are a lot of factors that influence the cost of the treatment. Some of them depend on the nature of the human body, some, are purely economic factors. For example, unfortunately, there are some diseases that require expensive treatment and even then the healing is not guaranteed. In cancer or AIDS regardless of the cost of the treatment, the diseases are considered to be life-threatening and the results of the therapy cannot be fully predicted. However, such illnesses as sinusitis, bronchitis or urinary infections are much easier to treat but still the treatment is expensive. Why is it so? Here the factors that determine the cost of the treatment are mostly economical. For instance, in the USA, you can buy antibiotics with a prescription only. Moreover, you can buy only brand drugs and cannot opt for generics as they are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are not sold at the regular drugstores. It means that in order to receive the treatment you are obliged to go to a doctor for a prescription, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to buy it, and then you must buy the brand drug and pay the double price for it.

Let’s focus on the price for Sumycin, in 2015 in the USA the price per pill for this brand antibiotic reached the mark of $4.50 while its so-called generics can be bought as cheap as $0.28 per pill. The price difference is overwhelming especially taking into account that the medicine was discovered in 1945 and should be falling in price.

The brand drug you are forced to buy in the USA is based on the active substance called Tetracycline discovered in 1945 by Lederle Laboratories. Being one of the most effective antibacterial treatments of its time, the drug became widely manufactured and used as one of the essential medicines for all. By the way, there are medicines named Tetracycline, like the active substance of the drug. However, in the USA, all of the versions of the medicine not patented under a brand name are called Generic Sumycin.

How is Generic Sumycin different from the brand drug?

There is no difference in effect, compound, indications, dosages, and safety between Generic Sumycin and the brand drug. Different are the names under which the drugs are sold and their prices. In general, all medicines in the U.S. are more expensive than the same drugs in other countries. Monopolies, high taxes, expensive licensing and advertising as well as the culture of promotion of the medicines through rewarding of doctors are to blame. The World Health Organization doesn’t support expensive brand drugs but rather encourages people to buy its cheaper analogs including Generic Sumycin. If you believe that you need an effect rather than the known name on the package of pills, opt for the generic version of the medicine.

Safety tips to follow when buying Generic Sumycin online

ow, if you are ready to buy Generic Sumycin online, you have to know that its generic name is not registered, you will receive a package with an absolutely different trade name on the package and pills. Each and every manufacturer of Generic Sumycin is obliged to register its own trademark; therefore, you can find the same drug under a thousand of different names. There are some things, however, that you should pay special attention to: make sure to check that the medicine you buy is based on Tetracycline, check the dosage of the active substance per pill to be sure that you will get the one you need, check the expiry date. Check contraindications list to be sure that the medicine will do no harm to you.
Before buying Generic Sumycin, make sure to consult your doctor and check if the drug is not contraindicated to you.

Treat the infection with Generic Sumycin pills you can buy cheaper than the brand drug and get the same quality today.


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