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Generic Sumycin for effective and cheap treatment

Feb 02 / 2022

Not many people are aware that buying generic medicines they can save up to a half of the treatment cost. You cannot buy generic medicines at the regular drugstores in the United States, but you can order them online. Online pharmacies offer their customers to buy even prescription drugs without a confirmation from their doctors that the medicine is prescribed to a person who plans to buy it. It is convenient for people who need a prolonged treatment course and do not want to spend money on visits to their doctors just for a prescription. However, if you do have a prescription, you are still not obliged to buy the drug you need at your regular drugstore. For example, if a doctor prescribes you Sumycin, you can buy Generic Sumycin at an online pharmacy and have the same effect for less money.

Is Generic Sumycin as effective and safe as the brand drug?

In order for you to be sure that Generic Sumycin is an equivalent alternative to the brand drug, you should know that even if the Food and Drugs administration of the USA does not approve the drug, the World Health Organization does. In fact, namely WHO introduced the notion generic medicines in regard to the medicines that have been started to be manufactured after the exclusive license belonging to the developer of the drug for the drug production has expired or that are manufactured under a compulsory license which allows the manufacturing of the same drugs by other parties without consent of the patent owner. This policy was legalized in order to make essential, life-saving medicines more affordable for all people regardless of their income.

All manufacturers of generics are obliged to follow the initial formula and indicate the name of the active substance under the trade name. You can easily check whether the Generic Sumycin you are offered to buy is what you really need or not looking at its package. Under the trade name under which the drug is sold, there should be written “Tetracycline”. Moreover, some generics even include the whole name of the active substance or a part of it in the trade name used.

How to use Generic Sumycin?

If you bought or plan to buy Generic Sumycin, you probably already know how to use Sumycin. If you have a prescription from your doctor, make sure to buy the analog drug of the same dosage of the active substance per pill and use it how it is written in your prescription. If you don’t have a prescription, you can follow the general recommendations included in the instruction for Sumycin use.

The пeneral daily dosage of Generic Sumycin for adults in uncomplicated respiratory infections is 250-500 milligrams 4 times at equal time intervals or 500-1000 milligrams every 12 hours. The maximum daily dosage must not exceed 4000 mg. The treatment course length is from five to fourteen days without interruption.

The medicine is used for acne treatment in the dosage of 100-150 mg a day divided into two intakes a day. The treatment course length is selected individually as sometimes intermitted therapy is advised.

The brucellosis treatment with Sumycin is treated with the intake of 100-150 mg of the drug every 6 hours for 3 weeks. The treatment usually requires also the use of 1 gram of streptomycin taken every 12 hours for one week once a day. During the following 2 weeks of the treatment, the daily dosage of streptomycin is cut in two and is taken once a day.
For more complicated dosage and treatment course regimens for such diseases as syphilis, gonorrhea, pneumonia, and others, refer to your doctor recommendations or the detailed instruction accompanying the drug.

Buy Generic Sumycin pills online today to get a timely and effective treatment of infection at an affordable price.


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