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Generic Tetracycline – alternative to brand drug

Feb 08 / 2022

Some people think that only the brand drugs that their doctor prescribes are capable of eliminating infections and other diseases. It is not quite true. In fact, people all over the world use the same medicines to treat the same illnesses but the costs of treatments greatly vary. For example, the brand drug called Tetracycline in the United States costs around five dollars per pill while in, for example, Eastern European countries, the price of one pill of the identical medicine, so-called Generic Tetracycline is around fifty cents. The difference in prices depends on many factors; the quality and composition of the medicine are not among them. What is important to you: to have an effective treatment or buy the drug with the widely-advertised name? We assume that you need the effect and do not care about the name of the medicine since you are on this page dedicated to Generic Tetracycline. We are going to help you to choose the best drug at the best price and get the safest and effective treatment possible.

What is Generic Tetracycline and where to buy it?

Generic Tetracycline is not a single drug. It is a general name for the drugs with the active substance Tetracycline marketed under various trade names.  Online you can look for Generic Tetracycline, but do not expect to see this name on the package. You should pay attention to the name of the active substance in order to find the right drug. For example, if on the web page that came out when you were looking for Generic Tetracycline you see that the medicine you are offered to buy is called Achromycin, Dhatracin, Hortetracin or differently, do not be turned off but rather notice the name of the active substance below the trademark. All of the medicines we mentioned as examples are absolutely identical versions of Tetracycline simply manufactured by different companies. On all of their packages, you can see the word “Tetracycline” below the trademark. This is what you need to pay attention to first of all.

We advise not to buy the cheapest version of the medicine you see right away. We do not say that the medicine sold cheaper than other is certainly inferior, we simply warn you that the pharmacies that sell the same drugs greatly cheaper than others may be scammers. Worth noting, though, that you should compare the prices of the non-U.S. online pharmacies. The prices of the brand drugs sold at the U.S. online drugstores are much higher than the prices of the generic drugs in online pharmacies situated abroad so there is no point comparing them.

Things to remember when buying Generic Tetracycline and using it

Before you buy Generic Tetracycline, make sure to find out precisely if the drug is not contraindicated for you. It is always preferable to consult a doctor and if you have this possibility, do it. If you have a prescription from your doctor, you should use the drug strictly as prescribed regardless of what drug you take the brand one or generic.

If you plan to use Generic Tetracycline but you have no prescription, follow the general recommendations provided in the instruction for the drug. Make sure to choose the right dosage depending on the other conditions you are suffering from, the medicines you currently take, your age, times when you regularly eat, etc.

The treatment course should never be terminated early. If you stop using the drug once the symptoms of the infection you treat started to fade, you risk provoking resistance to the drug development in the bacteria. In this case, you will soon resume experiencing infectious process symptoms and will need another antibiotic to eliminate it completely.

Generic Tetracycline is absolutely the same medicine as Tetracycline. Buying the brand drug you pay for the advertised name rather than exclusive quality.


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