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Generic Zithromax advantages over a brand drug

Nov 02 / 2021

If you have any infectious disease that cannot be treated by the topical preparations, you need antibiotics for internal use. Some infections require certain antibiotics, for some, the broad-spectrum ones such as Zithromax are used. Zithromax or the same medicine marketed under different name is used to eliminate almost all known bacteria causing inflammatory processes in the human body. It is effective against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, atypical and anaerobic bacteria. In most wide-spread diseases such as sinusitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis, bronchitis, cystitis, otitis media, and others it is used even without bacteria susceptibility tests aimed to identify whether the illness is caused by the pathogen sensitive to the drug’s active substance. It is also used without a test in Lyme disease. However, skin infections and gangrenes require precise diagnostic of the pathogen that caused it before the treatment is prescribed.

If you have a mild infection that is sensible to the Zithromax’s active substance, you can start using the medicine even without a doctor’s prescription simply following the scheme indicated in the instruction coming with the medicine. However, in the United States you cannot purchase any antibiotics without a prescription legally. The optimal way to do so is to order them from abroad from an online pharmacy. Most online pharmacies offer so-called Generic Zithromax which in fact is no less effective but much cheaper than the medicine available at your local drugstores. Let’s find out what is it and why it can be even better than the brand drug.

History of Zithromax and Generic Zithromax creation

Initially, Zithromax was not even called so. It was a development of Croatian pharmacists who later sold the license for the medicine production and distribution in the Western Europe and the United States under the Zithromax brand name. The medicine was first synthesized in 1980 and first sold in the United States only in 1991. In its homeland, Croatia, the medicine is called differently but of course it is not less effective. Later, the creators of the medicine sold the license for the medicine production to the other countries.

Nowadays, almost every country of the world produces its own Zithromax but naturally uses a different name for it. In general, such medicines are called Generic Zithromax by the online pharmacies to make it easier for you to navigate through the web and find the medicine you need knowing only its local name.

Why is Generic Zithromax better than the brand drug?

Actually the medicines are identical, so there cannot be any differences in their effects against the infections they treat. The advantages of Generic Zithromax lie in its price and availability. The production costs of the medicines and promotion expenses make the medicines licensed in the USA ridiculously expensive. The health care system is quite ruthless as well to those who do not have insurance. Naturally, not all people can afford going to the doctor and buying expensive medicines at the regular drugstores. Fortunately, they can buy Generic Zithromax online much cheaper and even without a prescription.

Safety measures when buying Generic Zithromax

- First of all, use the service of reliable sellers. You can follow one of the links from our website.
- Find online the composition and dosages of Zithromax and compare them to the information about the medicine you plan to buy.
- Before using Generic Zithromax, carefully read the instructions, pay special attention to contraindications and measures in allergic reactions and overdose.
- Always respect the dosage and regimen established for your condition.
- Do not combine the medicine with other medicines or alcohol.

The advantages of Generic Zithromax over the brand drug are its price and availability without rx. Read further to know how to get the best drug cheap.


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