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Got an infection – purchase Generic Zithromax

Nov 04 / 2022

Infection can attack literally any organ or system in the body. It can be carried without any symptoms and get unexpectedly detected through blood tests or manifest quite seriously and cause a lot of discomfort. Anyway, there is no other way to treat an infection than to use antibiotics.

If you have already used a lot of antibiotics throughout your lifetime, there is a high chance that you already developed resistance to such old antibiotics as tetracyclines. The antibacterial drugs from the group have a broad spectrum yet you can develop resistance to them pretty soon and there is no point of using them for a longer time or in large dosages. The only way is to opt for more advanced antibiotics such as Azithromycin.

The most known name of Azithromycin is Zithromax. Though, there are numerous drugs with absolutely the same composition and effect which are, by the way, cheaper. These drugs are commonly referred to as Generic Zithromax. It is a collective name that cannot be registered by a certain company. This is why when you purchase Generic Zithromax, do not expect to read this name on the package.

The names greatly vary so you don’t need to even try to remember them or figure out any consistent pattern or similarity between them. All you need to remember is the name of the active substance and the dosage per pill to check them when you decide to buy the drug online.

How to buy the medication online?

Buying the drug online you can save a lot of money on the visits to your doctor and the drug itself. The antibiotic medications sold online are supplied without Rx because in the countries they are manufactured and marketed it is a legal practice.

As for the lower price, generics are made on the basis of the research and formula made by another company. Therefore, generics drug makers are able to save on the production and set lower prices for the drugs they make without compromising their quality.

In order to purchase Generic Zithromax online all you need is a laptop, PC, or a smartphone and a credit card. You will need to register at our online drugstore in a few simple steps such as providing us with your email address, phone number, and address to which the medicine should be shipped. Our consultants will get back to you and notify you about the status of your order once you make it and then update it once you make the payment. We will also provide you with the tracking number so you can know where your parcel is at any moment of the time.

How to use Generic Zithromax?

Though you can find instruction for the medicine on the Internet, we highly recommend you to go to your doctor first to get a correct and precise diagnosis before you start taking antibiotics.

The generally recommended dosages and recommendations for adults are the following:

The pills should be always taken one hour before a meal or 2 hours after. The drug is taken once a day.

For the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract infections, skin and soft tissue infections the following scheme of treatment is used: 0.5 g on the first day, and then 0.25 g from the 2nd to 5th days of the therapy or 0.5 g daily within 3 days (the total course dosage is 1.5 g).

For acute infections of the genitourinary tract, a single dosage of 1 g is used.

For the treatment of Lyme disease of the first stage, the dosage of 1 g is taken on the first day and 0.5 g from the 2nd to 5th days of therapy.

If you want to purchase Generic Zithromax for yourself, you can follow these recommendations. If you need the drug for your kid, you must consult pediatrician first as kids require the calculation of the dosage per kilogram of the body weight and you would also need suspension.

If you want to purchase Generic Zithromax for yourself, you can follow these recommendations.


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