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Tired of recurring infections - order Zithromax

Nov 11 / 2022

Bacterial infections are quite tricky – if you don’t receive an appropriate treatment timely, chances are that it will turn into a chronic infection. Chronic infections are very unpleasant. Imagine that the infection you suffer from currently will from now own bother you every couple of months. The symptoms during the exacerbation of an infection are the same as when you first contracted it. Sometimes, they even get worse over time. So, what is the solution?

First of all, once you have the first signs of an infection, you need to visit your doctor. The warning signs can be elevated fever, pain or aching in joints, respiratory tract organs or urinary tract organs, inflammation, swelling of a body part in injury, itching of the injured area, skin, rash, and others. Obviously, there are some typical symptoms that occur in one infection but are absent in another. This is also a reason why you should go to a doctor. Only a qualified specialist is able to choose you the right antibiotic drug for a specific type of infection you have.

If you already have a chronic infection and you are aware of its recurring exacerbations, you can order Zithromax online without going to your doctor first. The strategy here is to have the drug at hand to start treating the infection as soon as it breaks out but it’s only effective if you can distinguish the infection symptoms from other conditions. For example, a running nose as the only symptom is not a sign of a bacterial infection and doesn’t require the use of antibiotics. But if it persists over 14 days with antiviral or anti-allergy treatment and the discharged mucus has already turned green, it means that you do actually have an infection and need antibiotics. The same is with recurring vaginal, bladder, skin, bone, and joints infections.

What do you get if you order Zithromax online?

If you buy the antibiotic online, you can save a lot of money on the visits to your doctor as you can order the medication even if you don’t have a prescription. Moreover, the same drug is manufactured by a variety of pharmaceutical companies whose price policies differ greatly. For example, one manufacturer invests in the brand and charges around 200 Dollars for a short treatment course while other doesn’t advertise the name of own medication and sells the number of pills sufficient for the treatment course for only 30 Dollars.

So why would you pay more for the same drug only because of the advertised name? Naturally, it is wiser to buy the drug cheaper. To do so, you have to opt for a so-called generic version of the drug. It is a common term used for all drugs based on Azithromycin that are identical to Zithromax.

How to use the medication?

When you order Zithromax online, you receive a generic drug, but do not worry, it is identical to the brand-name drug so you don’t need to adjust your treatment plan if you have one from your doctor. If you don’t have a treatment plan, you can refer to the medication instruction. But we still advise you to go to your doctor to find out your precise diagnosis before you start using the pills.

Commonly, doctors prescribe the following scheme of the antibiotic intake for mild infections: 0.5 g on the first day, and then 250 mg from the 2nd to 5th days of the therapy or 500 mg daily within 3 days (the total course dosage is 1500 mg). This is suitable for respiratory tract infections and soft tissues/skin infections.

In acute infections of the genitourinary tract, a single dosage of 1000 mg is recommended.

The dosages and treatment courses listed above are for adults only whom the medication is not contraindicated.

For more serious infections such as Lyme disease, pneumonia, infected wounds, and so on, you must see a doctor to avoid serious complications.

When you order Zithromax online, you receive a generic drug, but do not worry, it is identical to the brand-name drug.


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