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To treat chronic diseases buy Generic Rulide

Jan 27 / 2022

If you suffer from chronic diseases such as bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis or infectious urinary tract diseases, you can buy Generic Rulide online to minimize your expenses on the treatment while making the best of it. Chronic diseases we have mentioned have a tendency to exacerbate twice a year in spring and fall or even more frequently. People who suffer from them for a long time already know what medicines and for how long they should take in order to suppress the attack of an infection and achieve remission. They have no interest in going to doctors and spending money only to get a prescription for the drug they already know they need. Unfortunately, buying antibiotics without a prescription in the USA does not seem possible. The law prohibits distribution of any antibiotics without a prescription. Though not all countries have the same laws, so the online pharmacies use this advantage and sell the drugs you need with the shipping to the USA without prescriptions legally. Buying Generic Rulide or other medicine online from a foreign pharmacy, you practically buy the drug in other country. Therefore, you no longer need to get a prescription to start the treatment. But of course, there are some basic rules that need to be followed.

When to buy Generic Rulide online and what rules to follow

It wouldn’t be wise to choose an antibiotic medicine randomly. You need to be sure that Generic Rulide is active against the infection you are suffering from and that the drug is not contraindicated to you. The perfect way of choosing Generic Rulide would be if you know precisely that you need this drug based on your medical history. For example, you were previously prescribed the medicine based on Roxithromycin, the active substance of the drug. If the treatment went well, the infection was eliminated and you didn’t experience any severe side effects, you can opt for the repeated treatment with Generic Rulide but only if more than six months from the previous course had passed. Using the antibiotics with the same active substance more frequently can be ineffective.

If you opt for Generic Rulide instead of the other antibiotic you had an allergy to or that you used less than six months ago, make sure to compare the active substances in order to be sure that they are different in the drug you used and the one you plan to use. You should also check the list of contraindications for Generic Rulide use; see if you use any medicine incompatible with the drug, etc. If all these parameters seem to be suitable for you, you can buy the drug online. However, it would be preferable to make susceptibility tests first in order to be sure that the active substance of the drug is active against the pathogens that caused your disease.

Now when you are ready to buy Generic Rulide, make sure to choose a reliable online store situated outside the U.S. Check the reviews, contact customer support, check dosage per pill and expiry date. Do not order more pills that you need for your treatment course to avoid any trouble with the customs authorities.

How to use Generic Rulide?

Since you are buying the medicine identical to the brand drug Rulide, you can refer to the instructions for its use. The regular daily dosage for adults is 300 milligrams of the drug taken in a single or two intakes. People with liver dysfunction are recommended to take a reduced dosage of 150 milligrams daily.

Though the dosages are the same for all the diseases treated with Generic Rulide, the lengths of the treatment courses greatly vary: minimum treatment course is 5 days and the maximum is 2,5 months. In order to choose the correct treatment course length, refer to the instructions for your disease.

Buy Generic Rulide if the drug is not contraindicated to you and get rid of an infectious disease that tortures you fast.


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