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Trimethoprim online – means cheaper treatment

Dec 09 / 2021

There are thousands of antibiotics on the market. However, most of them are identical to each other. The reason there is so many names on the market – they are manufactured by the different pharmaceutical companies. Generally, the most replicated medicines are those in the list of WHO (World Health Organization) essential medicines. One of such medicines is Trimethoprim and hundreds of its counterparts equal in the formula, composition, and effect, but different in price and name.

The medicine is widely used since 1962 all around the world to treat urinary tract infections, pneumonia, acne, prevention of infections development in HIV patients, and many other conditions. Food and Drug Administration approved the medicine only in 1973, eleven years after it was first successfully used. Nowadays, the medicine is widely used in the USA. It is marketed under a several brand names even in the U.S. including Trimethoprim, Trimpex, Proloprim, Primsol.  Unfortunately, the medicine cannot be bought over-the-counter at least at the regular drugstores. The solution for those who want to save on a long-term treatment is to buy Trimethoprim online.

Precautions when buying Trimethoprim online

Online shopping for various products is not new to the modern people though the purchasing of prescription medicines online requires a bit more of attention. First of all, you need to opt only for a reputable seller who is known for selling only quality medicines which expiration date allows them to be used within at least a couple of months. In order to find such seller, you can look for online forums where people discuss their experience with various online drugstores or buy Trimethoprim online from the pharmacy we work with. The link to the pharmacy can be found at the main page dedicated to Trimethoprim.

Secondly, when buying Trimethoprim online, you have to be prepared that the drug most likely will be named differently. As we have already said, it is marketed under different brand names in different countries so it should not scare you. Moreover, the same medicines with less advertised names are usually cheaper so you can save more than you initially thought when opting for the online purchase of the medicine instead of going to your doctor and buying the medicine online.

Our third recommendation is to read the instruction and follow it strictly. Antibiotics are not the products you can use irresponsibly. If you skip the intakes, overdose or interrupt the treatment course, most likely you will not achieve a desirable therapeutic effect and simply waste your money. You can also harm your health doing so as antibiotics can harm your kidney and liver especially if you already have any conditions interfering with their normal function.

How Trimethoprim is used?

Here you can find a recommendation for Trimethoprim in adults in general, uncomplicated infectious processes. The use of the medicine in children is highly preferable to be done only under a doctor’s supervision. The general length of the treatment course with Trimethoprim is ten days. The pills are taken orally once a day in a dosage of 0.04-0.06 grams. If you forgot whether you have already taken the medicine or not and decide to take another pill, remember that the maximum daily dosage is 0.1 gram. Everything above that maximum is considered an overdose.
The treatment of cystitis may require a longer therapy during which the daily dosage of Trimethoprim is 0.1 gram taken daily during 6 weeks. Naturally, for such a long treatment course Trimethoprim online purchase is the best option especially if you have already consulted a doctor and he recommended you namely this treatment plan.

When you opt to buy Trimethoprim online, be prepared that the drug most likely will be named differently. However, the name doesn't affect its potency.


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