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Why Generic Azithromycin is better than brand drug

Jan 14 / 2022

Living in the USA, you know certain names of the medicines, those that your doctor prescribes you or which commercials you frequently see. In other countries different medicines are used. It doesn’t mean that people there use absolutely different cures for the same illnesses. The drugs are simply named differently. For example, in some countries, antibiotic drug Azithromycin is called Sumamed, Hemomycin, and hundreds of other different names. In fact, even in the U.S. the drug can be found under different trade names such as Zithromax, Azithrocin, Azithral, and others. The name does not define the quality and effectiveness of the medicine, though. Various names are used by the companies who manufacture absolutely identical drugs in order to avoid copyright problems. You know the most popular brand of the medicine in your country. The manufacturer pays a fortune for its licensing, promotion, and manufacturing in the USA. Therefore, it protects the name from the use by others by law. Other pharmaceutical companies who spend less money on the said activities are able to sell their drugs cheaper, but of course, under different trade names. Usually, such drugs are called generics. For example, if you are looking for an antibiotic drug, you can look for Generic Azithromycin instead of Azithromycin to save your money and pay for quality and not the brand. All of these drugs are absolutely identical and not less effective in any way. As we have already mentioned, they are named differently, so the easiest way to find such drug is not to look for its names in other countries, but simply look for Generic Azithromycin online.

Tips on how to make the best of Generic Azithromycin online purchase

First of all, you need to ensure that the medicine is not contraindicated to you. Secondly, you need to be sure that you need namely Azithromycin. It means that every antibiotic is effective against certain infections. If your illness is caused by the pathogen not susceptible to the drug, the treatment will be useless. Of course, susceptibility tests are expensive. If you want to save buying Generic Azithromycin online, logically, you cannot spend thousands of dollars for such tests. In this case, we recommend you at least read about the spectrum of activity of the drug and compare the symptoms you have with those of diseases treated by Generic Azithromycin.

Naturally, it’s always better to consult your doctor, but if you do not have this possibility, at least, make sure to use the dosages prescribed for your condition, never skip the intakes, avoid overdose, and do not interrupt the treatment course.

Now let’s see how you can find the best version and cheapest price for Generic Azithromycin as well as what you need to pay special attention to:

- Find a reliable online drugstore. Do not fall for the lowest price, stick to the average. Check the reviews on the pharmacy’s website; look for the reviews on the other online sources. If you want to save your time on this step, use the link to our pharmacy where you can buy Generic Azithromycin in a couple of clicks.

- Do not order too many Generic Azithromycin pills. Order maximum for two courses. Otherwise, you may encounter problems with customs authorities.

- Even a trustworthy online drugstore may send you the wrong dosage Generic Azithromycin pills. Check yourself the dosage that is sent to you before the order confirmation and after you receive the parcel.

- Find the information about the expiry date. If you can’t see this info on the website, ask customer support managers.

Having the same properties, but being greatly cheaper and available without a prescription Generic Azithromycin is sure better than brand Azithromycin.


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