- Antibiotics are powerful medicines that fight bacterial infections
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Antibiotics or antibacterials are a type of antimicrobial used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infection

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Welcome to our antibiotics generic drugs category! Here is where you buy cheap antibiotics like generic Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Bactrim, Cipro, Doxycycline, and many more! These cheap antibiotics can help you overcome infections ranging from STDs like Chlamydia to strep throat. The antibiotics in our generic drugs category are very safe to use and effective. However, like with all medicines, you should always make sure that you know how to use them properly so you avoid side effects or complications.

What are Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are a drugs category which are used to fight bacterial infections. Bacteria (the singular is bacterium) are very small living organisms which can get into our bodies and start to reproduce. Bacteria can cause numerous problems like food poisoning, sexually transmitted diseases, and serious illnesses like tuberculosis. It is important to realize though that not all bacteria are harmful for us. Our bodies have many strains of bacteria which actually help us function. Without these healthy bacteria, we would be unable to perform basic functions like digestion. Luckily, our immune systems can usually differentiate the healthy from the harmful bacteria. The immune system uses white blood cells to fight off harmful bacteria and prevent infections. Sometimes, the immune system isn't strong enough to destroy a bacterial infection and you need to buy cheap antibiotics instead.

Antibiotics fight bacteria by one or both of these methods: they will either kill the bacteria (often by interfering with the cell membrane of a bacterium) or alter the bacteria so it cannot reproduce. In the second situation, cheap antibiotics will not cure the infection. Instead, they help manage the infection so your immune system can fight it off easier. In most cases, you buy cheap antibiotics after you have gotten an infection. However, there are some antibiotics which can be taken before infection to prevent outbreak. For example, if you are about to undergo a surgical operation where the risk of infection is great, you may get a dosage of antibiotics beforehand.

Only Buy Antibiotics When You have a Bacterial Infection

Even though antibiotics are such a common generic drugs category, it is important to realize that they should be used with caution. In the long term, it can be dangerous to buy cheap antibiotics too frequently. Overuse of antibiotics could lead to a bacterial resistance to antibiotics. This basically means that a strain of bacteria can get used to an antibiotic. Some of the bacteria may have genetic mutations (all organisms eventually will have some gene mutations) which normally don't affect their functioning. But these mutations may help the bacteria survive an attack from antibiotics. These bacteria will then survive and continue to replicate even after you buy cheap antibiotics for treatment. The bacteria will no longer respond to the common cheap antibiotics used for treatment and you will have to use stronger antibiotics to fight the infection. Bacterial resistance to cheap antibiotics is a very real and dangerous concern because the resistant bacteria can be passed to other people. Already, many bacterial infections no longer respond to the antibiotics which were previously used in treatment.

Even though you can often buy cheap antibiotics without a prescription, you should always still consult your doctor before taking antibiotic drugs. You may think that you have a bacterial infection when really it is something else causing the problem, like a fungal infection or virus. Fungal infections and viruses often have the same symptoms as bacterial infections but antibiotics will not treat them: you can only buy cheap antibiotics for infections caused by bacteria. It is important that you are certain your infection is from bacteria because taking cheap antibiotics when they are not needed can lead to a bacterial resistance.

Side Effects from Antibiotics

The cheap antibiotics in our generic drugs category are generally very safe to use. However, there are always some potential risks when you buy cheap antibiotics. Many people have allergies to antibiotics like penicillin. If you are allergic to penicillin or any other antibiotic, then you should not buy the generic version of these medicines either. Antibiotics work by killing or impairing growth of harmful bacteria in your body. However, they can also harm the "good" bacteria in your body too. This is what causes some of the most common side effects of antibiotics, like stomach problems, bowel movement problems, yeast infections, or thrush. Before you buy cheap antibiotics online, make sure you know the risks of side effects associated with the medicine.

Interactions with Antibiotics

You should never take any medicine, even common cheap antibiotics, without first checking to see if it safe to take with your current medications. Antibiotics have been known to interact with some drugs, particularly hormonal birth control (like the pill). If you are taking birth control, talk to your doctor about how to avoid pregnancy while using cheap antibiotics.

Antibiotics in Our Generic Drugs Category

When you buy cheap antibiotics from our generic drugs category, you are getting the exact same quality medicine as if you bought the brand-name version of the drug. These generic antibiotics are made according to FDA standards and have the same efficacy, dosages, risks, and potential side effects as their brand-name counterparts. Generic drugs usually do not advertise nor did they have to invest as much in the development of drugs, which is why you can buy cheap antibiotics for less than half the price of the brand name versions. We carry the most popular, safe antibiotics in our generic drugs category including generic penicillin, generic Zithromax (azithromycin), generic Suprax (Cefixime), generic Tegopen (Cloxacillin), generic rifampin, and generic Cipro (ciprofloxacin) Amoxicillin.

Even though you can buy cheap antibiotics without a prescription, you should always still consult your doctor beforehand. Our online doctor can help you with any questions you have about our generic drugs category of cheap antibiotics so you make sure you are getting the right medications and using the cheap antibiotics properly.


Generic Antibiotics vs Brand drug

Infectious diseases treatment requires the use of antibiotics. Sometimes, a treatment course may take up to a half of year. Naturally, the more complex is the infection and the wider is its spread, the more expensive is the treatment required. There are several reasons why the treatment of infections can be blasting for one's budget. First of all, the last generation antibiotics are quite expensive due to multiple research made in order to develop the most efficient, universal and stable formula. Secondly, large pharmaceutical companies invest billions into lobbying of the medicines and advertising of their brands. Respectively, the price of such drugs skyrockets even if the ingredients are cheap and the main component is quite easy to synthesize. Thirdly, most antibiotics, especially for complex diseases such as tuberculosis or pneumonia, are used in combination therapy with other antibiotics in order to reduce bacteria resistance development to the treatment. Fourthly, the longer is the treatment course prescribed, the more money you will spend on drugs.

What should you do if your doctor prescribes you expensive treatment?

People today are quite fortunate not only because we have antibiotics to cure almost all infectious diseases, but also because we can buy their cheaper analogs online. In the battle Generic Antibiotics vs Brand drug, Generic Antibiotics will always win. Why? It is simple - they have absolutely identical properties and provide equal effect as the medicines with widely advertised brand names. Why would you buy the drug for 100 Dollars if you can buy the same medicine 10 times cheaper?

Difference between Generic Antibiotics and Brand drugs

As we have already said, the medicines have the absolutely identical composition and formula. Their differences lie in commercial aspects. First of all, Generic Antibiotics are made by other manufacturers than those who promote their medicines intensively on the U.S market. They spend less money on research simply using the already found formula and do not register their drugs in the USA, so the marketing of their medicines online and in other countries allows them to minimize marketing costs. Using the same ingredients sold at cheaper prices in other countries, such pharmaceutical companies are again able to save significantly.

Cheaper price of Generic Antibiotics is also due to cheaper operational costs of online pharmacies. Being able to cut their costs on commercial spaces and rent, they add a significantly lower margin to the medicines sold online.

How to buy Generic Antibiotics instead of Brand drug prescribed or recommended by your doctor?

Generic Antibiotics commonly bear different names than the medicines with advertised and promoted brands. Fortunately, you don’t need to look for all of the names that can be possibly used. Instead, look for the medicine you need, but do not forget to add the word “generic” before it. You will get thousands of results – online pharmacies that offer to buy the drug you need are easy to find. However, be careful, inspect the customer reviews and overall reputation of the pharmacy based on its google rank, time of the company being in business, etc. Do not fall for the prices that are greatly lower than those offered by the majority of online pharmacies. The lowest price can be a hook used by scammers to attract confiding customers.
If you do not waste a lot of time on looking for the right drug, simply use one of the links we offer you. We work only with reliable online pharmacies that sell Generic Antibiotics of the highest quality and the best prices.

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